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7 hours ago, dboisclair said:

Hi There

I apologize, I might be asking on the wrong thread.

I'm coming down as a tourist and I need a 180-day tourist FMM.

I already have my TIP and all I need now is the FMM and getting it online will save us some time. I'm just not sure what the office is called, that's 21 klm inland. On the FMM menu it lists Nogales Uno, Dos and Tres. Is it one of these, or is it called something different. If no one know's I'll just try Nogales Uno and see if that works when I get there.



Have never heard of those Uno, Dos, Tres designations. Just cross the border (you don't need to stop there to do anything), keep driving south 21 K and you'll see the building, it's marked. It's not like there is a whole village around it- it stands alone in the middle of nowhere, unless something has changed since the last time I crossed about 3 years ago.

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Haven't made the drive in 5 years but the entry you want is/was marked, Mariposa Trucks.  On our maiden Nogales southbound crossing we ended up on the city route because we thought the signage for 'trucks' meant only trucks.  This website references Mariposa as I remember it.  


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Excellent URL for the Nogales crossing.

On a prior Post I gave the OP specific directions to take the Mariposa crossing. One takes Exit 4 off of I19, ...... W. Mariposa Road. Then as the map shows drive down to Km21 for INM services.


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I appreciate all the advice but.I drive down every year and know the process well - and we use the truck crossing too. This was just a question about filling. G on the FMM online and which box to "tick". It may not even matter. I used Tres abound everything is done. Gotta love technology. As long as it works I now won't have to stand in line behind someone getting their TIP when all I need to do is pay my FMM.

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