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2 of us were going to take the Charter Club tour today but they did not get enough people so it was cancelled. We are going to try again next Friday.

If it doesn't go we are going to taxi there as we want to bring stuff back and don't want to have to worry with the bus. We were quoted 1000 pesos for a taxi to drive us to Tonala and back and he said he will wait for us for free. Is this about right?

Please, if anyone wants to do go to Tonala/Taquepaque next week, sign up now!


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Why not take the bus into Guadalajara and taxi from there..........

When I do this, I typically park at the chapala bus station and take the direct bus from there. Very pleasant bus ride. I think it is about 48 pesos each way - been a while so this is a guess.

When i get downtown, I find a taxi - ask the price - and usually provide the name of where I am going in Spanish written down - so you would need to identify where in Tonala you wanted to go.

It is easy..............

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An easier approach:

Tahe the Chapala bus to Alamo and then taxi or local bus into Tonala. No need to go all the way into Guadalajara.

At the Alamo stop (ask the driver), you will see taxis and local buses. For a bus, ask local folks or check the front of the bus.

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Is it possible you have confused Alex with some other peterson? I say this because I can't remotely see a connection to him and a sewing machine. I've used him many times and always good service. I am not a fan of speaking ill of anyone not able to defend themselves.

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Jausten this is at least the third thread where you have intruded with your personal vendetta against Alex. How long do you plan to continue disparaging him on this web board? I am tired of it already, so I hope you get it out of your system soon.

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I second the recommendation of a bus/taxi combination. However, as someone who often takes the bus into GDL for shopping,etc., my suggestion is a bit different.

You can get off at the Alamo and take a taxi to your area of shopping, or you can also stay on the bus and get off at the Old Central Station. Fare difference isn't that much and I , personally, HATE the Alamao stop.

When you have finished shopping, take a taxi to the Old Central Station and get a 1st class bus back to Chapala. The bus driver will let you put your purchases in the luggage compartment of the bus. They will be safe. The bus doesn't stop anywhere between GDL and Chapala that would require opening the compartment.

At Chapala, either drive your own car home or get another cab.

The fare to GDL from the bus station in Chapala is 50 pesos, and it leaves every half hour. If you prefer, you can get a bus at the office in Ajijic and it is goes via the libramiento, bypassing Chapala completely. Your choice will depend on where you live.

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