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we want to rent a weekend getaway apartment in Ajijic

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We moved to Guadalajara a month and a half ago because I got a teaching position at the American School. We live in Col. Providencia. Guadalajara is a great city, but we are village folk and Ajijic has always been a favorite place for us.

We want to rent an apartment that we can stay in on the weekends and over extended holidays. The school doesn't pay enough for us to be extravagant but we could afford something furnished , one bed, one bath. We desire a place in the village and can pay 500 or 600 a month and would like access to a small yard/garden, and wifi. we don't need a phone because we have cellulars. Don't care about TV either. We want to join the Chapala Society and see if Ajijic is the place for us in retirement. I'm only going to work this and perhaps next year.

My wife is a newly retired elementary teacher and is interested in helping with the youth art classes at Chapala Society on Saturdays. She may stay over sometimes when I return on Sunday for my work week. We have a very gentle little beagle dog that doesn't make messes or noise, he is neutered and we ALWAYS walk him on a leash .

This is probably enough about us

If you have a rental to offer (In Ajijic or Floresta) please contact us

Stan and April

(33) 36414182

cell 331 795 0737 after 3 pm if Monday-Friday anytime Saturday or Sunday


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Sounds like a great plan. You might also check the bulliten boards at Walmart, LCS, Superlake, El Torito as well as driving the village and looking for rental signs. Lots of them out there right now.

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