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An Honest Recommendation for Solving Car Problem


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This person doesn't participate on message boards so I offered to post it for her.

I recently needed to have a car taken out of Mexico and have the TIP cancelled. My situation is a little different than most. My husband recently passed away and the car was imported under his passport. I have another car that is imported under my passport. We both had temporal visas.

The car was very old (1987) and had a no resale value. I had been working with Spence McMullen to donate it to Aduana, however, that was no longer an option. Spencer referred me to Playaboy to see if he could help me. This is the solution we worked out.

Since the value of the car was so low Playaboy would have been unable to buy the car from me, drive it to the border, cancel the TIP, then resell it for enough to cover his expenses and make a profit. Instead, I paid him an agreed upon amount as a “salary” and covered the expenses. Once he had the TIP canceled and was in the US he was able to sell the car for an amount that covered a portion of what I had paid him upfront. Prior to his driving the car out of the country we obtained the necessary Carte Poder and Seguro Returno, as well as a US power of attorney necessary for him to legally drive my car and transfer the title to the new owner. I was out of the country at the time Playaboy took the car to the US. When I returned he returned the canceled TIP and the money from the sale of the car to me.

I recommend Playaboy for anyone needing to have a vehicle removed from Mexico and doesn’t want to drive it out themselves. He was easy to work with, very clear on the process, costs and paperwork, and kept me informed every step of the way including letting me know when the car was out of the country so I could cancel my insurance and he completed the notification to my home state that the car had been sold.

His contact information is: cornking1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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