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What does this mean in English?


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Hola Worldexplorer, be careful with Google Translate some times it is useful but it often comes up with very weird translations that have nothing to do with what you are trying to say. Specially if you speak little to no spanish and you can't catch the mistakes. Word by word works a little better then typing in complete sentences. Words that have two meanings in english and punctuation marks can mess it all up.

One if the weird ones I remember a friend saying is "podemos montar a caballo atrĂ¡s" (we can ride a horse in the back) when trying to say "we can ride in the back (of the car)". I am a spanish teacher and I can always tell when someone is using it, and I have to try to decipher what they really mean.

Also it does not work for looking up the real use and meaning for sayings, double meanings and the majority of idiomatic expressions. Yahoo answers, Wordreference and SpanishDict are better. :)



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