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Who teaches English as a second language?

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My maid needs to send her son to learn English... anyone know someone who is teaching Mexicans around here? Thanks.

the Wilkes School in Ajijic. You have to be 15 years or older. It is free but you have to buy the books. I believe it is about $35. Registration is in August. Went last year to sign up our maids daughter, but she was too young.
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I teach English to adults and children in my home in La Floresta. Here in Mexico, I think I need to be realistic about how much to charge for lessons. Depending on your financial ability, I would charge 150 to 200 pesos an hour.

We can certainly divide the class times, concentrating mostly on conversation but also working together on writing skills. This would be up to you (your choice) to decide. Maybe we could have you do a short piece of writing at your home and bring it with you to our classes for correction and instruction.
I would need some interaction with you to learn your level of competency (ability). In this way, I can be sure to make our class time the most effective ... not too low and not to high.
We can help you progress by meeting just one hour a week. But I prefer to meet with you for two hours at a time. Progress is much faster this way. We can be comfortable meeting at my house in La Floresta North.
If you might have a friend with similar interest, I would be happy to meet with both of you at the same time and arrange a reduced price.
contact: Chris - 766 1218, or my cell phone 331 745 5757
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