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Anything like a Kelly Blue Book for selling cars in Mexico?

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Assuming that you've got a used Jalisco plated car to sell - how do you find out what a good sales price is? Is there anything like Kelly Blue Book in Mexico?

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We do have a blue book, you can buy it at any book store in any mall, its called "libro Azul" but you can also get into soloautos.com and see what another sellers want for their cars, because the blue book in mexico just tell you the minimun you should ask for it...

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Restricting the supply of used cars restricts the price.

Remember this?


Unlike the U.S. and Canada, ownership of autos is still relatively limited here.  While new car sales are going up it is only in recent times that cars could be financed here, albeit at very high interest rates, creating the kind of mass demand that eventually filters into the used car market.  Also there is nothing here like the off lease source of used cars which is a big part of the U.S. market.

The Mexican companies that import U.S. cars conducted demonstrations involving border closings against the blocking as late as June of last year.

The car imports being blocked are on the lower end of the market which particularly affects buyers of more limited means.  

Used cars seem to be particularly expensive here in Jalisco.  The guy who runs the car wash in Riberas makes a nice business buying cars in the eastern part of Mexico and reselling them here.  Not only does he get some really nice cars, the roads are much better over there so the car suspensions tend to be in much better shape.  If you're looking for a nice newer used car I recommend you check with him.  Several of my friends have bought from him and are quite satisfied.

BTW, I found a visit to the car tianquis in Guadalajara to be a fascinating 3 hours and very educational.  I thought it would be mostly clunkers but that was definitely not the case.  This could be another way to get a handle on price.


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1 hour ago, RVGRINGO said:

Fleet cars are traded in by Mexican companies, sometimes when just two years old, and can be good buys if you can catch one at your favorite new car dealership.

Good point, I know someone who bought one and it was a good buy and a good car. 

Tomgates, that wouldn't surprise me a bit.  But it was a great place to see a lot of cars and prices in a hurry.  

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