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Loss of TIP Deposit on FM3 Renewal


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There is so much "talking past each other" on many issues, but particularly on this one.

Sadly, that's true. Change is usually stressful, and brings about a lot of hurt feelings, and people picking sides, instead of trying to be helpful.

We will press on for citizenship because we have way too much invested to run away.

I think that is the case for many, too much invested (and more than just money, although that is substantial in the case of many).

I do agree, however, that the new laws were implemented very badly, and this is having a somewhat adverse effect on many foreigners living in Mexico.

Good, and that is evidenced by those postings here by individuals affected and by lawyers scratching their heads.

But for me, it's not even close to being a deal-breaker.

I respect your decision, but posters are looking for suggestions to ease their pain on these badly implemented new laws, not someone putting them down for their complaints. Putting them down and suggesting that they are exaggerating and suggesting they leave does not help this situation, but indeed makes matters worse. I wish you could wear the others shoes for a minute and you would realize that.

What I absolutely do not understand is why you stay here. If I felt that strongly about the issue, I would be looking at other options.

" We will press on for citizenship because we have way too much invested to run away. I think that is the answer for many that are unhappy, but stay. If you are not unhappy with the implementation, you will not understand their feelings because each person is different, with different feelings.

I asked you earlier to give me a number on how many people are leaving due to the new immigration laws, but you didn't give me an answer.

That is a hard question for anyone to answer, if you don't go door to door and ask. Also hard to say they are leaving for other reasons, for the same reason. I can tell you that I, personally, know of 2 couples and an individual in Chapala that have left, and another individual is trying to sell her house to leave, but can't take a loss, so she hangs on. I can't tell you about any others, because no one else has told me face to face, but I have read here that there are others thinking about it. I can tell you that others have left because of the violence(I know personally of that). How many in Lakeside? No idea, but each year we have less and less "regular" returners in Chapala and they are all not dying.

Understanding and compassion are helpful to others when they are stressed, putting them down is the worst thing anyone can do. Please try to be helpful and not hurtful. Thank you.
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