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Loss of TIP Deposit on FM3 Renewal


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Linea, actually both words are appropriate, when is the last time you saw Americans marching in the streets of MX waving American flags? Ask the same in reverse. I'm sure you can see the point, it's a very narrow one way street and we neither flout nor flaunt ourselves, it's not allowed. And "a few" gringos? - better check the numbers and multiply it by the INM income requirements.

Yes, there are many Mexican-Americans, how many "American-Mexicans" do you see referred to as such down here? I did a Wiki search for "American-Mexicans" and here is the answer: The page "American-mexicans" does not exist.

We are simply the nuisance that comes along with our money. I lived in Louisiana/Mississippi in the 60's working for NASA, we were "imported" Yankees from S Calif and it was much the same there, we were tolerated because we brought in millions. The Black/White people didn't like each other and neither liked us. Now, fr