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"Taste" in restaurants


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rony, i like mayo w/ french fries. except i havnt eaten them in years. its a stretch but i always put olive oil on baked & boiled potatoes. as for top of the line restuarants: several times the salmon was not cooked enough, needed to be sent back. so much for spending lots of $. btw, the filet mignon can be excellent in one paticular place in ajijic. except you see mops dragged across a cement floor. its a trade off. personally i prefer to cook@ home.

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I still do not understand why Americans do not like mayonnaise with their French fries

(actually,.... Belgian fries ( *)... ??

Our family prefers them with mayo and always ask for it - even at McDonalds! We spent a lot of time in Belgium in the early 80's.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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