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Nationalizing your car


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You have to go to the border. You have to use a customs broker to import a car. Aduana will not deal with you directly.

There is also some export paperwork needed from the USA.

I have imported golf carts. I have many Mexican friends that import a car once a year. It is an easy and safe process when using a reputable broker.. It will also cost $$$$ and takes 2-3 days.


I have talked to a friend that is a used car dealer in TX. He was already aware of the vehicle issues expats are now facing. He told me that he and most other dealers including Carmax are going to heavily discount their offers for cars with non Texas plates assuming that they are coming from Mexico. I ask him why, his response " besides some safety requirements there really is no difference between US, Mex, or Can cars. One is not built any better than the other. It is the Mexican roads that are extremely hard on all vehicles, cutting the cars lives in half"

That's why Mexicans prefer USA used cars, they were driven on better roads.

Texas is also the worst place to nationalize a car. The brokers there charge 40 to 50% more than brokers in Sonora.

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I have several ?s Has anyone checked at the Guad airport aduana about nationalizing a nafta car????( (Several years ago they did this sevice)

Has Tio corp. stop all nationalizing or just stopped nationalizing J and G cars?

Has anyone got all the way thru this process with Tio corp and have there plates?

Thanks for any feed back


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