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Looking for Artist Who Can Paint Murals and Faux Finishes


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Ajijic is the village of murals and muralists. There is a competition upcoming. Get in touch with Efren Gonzalez. Your site could be one of the entries.

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She did the mural that used to be on the outside of Restaurant Number 4. Beautiful. And then they painted over it with dark brown when they re-opened. Grrr.

Right now, Jesus Lopez Vega is painting a mural, over on the side wall of LCS, He has a completed one on the wall facing the parking lot behind the Ajijic malecon.

Jose Duran did one around that corner on the walls of the street leading to Maria Isobel. He is often seen selling his calendars at Superlake.

This is the last house on the right, corner house, on Colon, at the lake.

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Hello, I am interested in contacting Victor Romero who was mentioned on this forum and paints murals. Does anyone have a phone number or e-mail address for him or his wife Isela?

Does anyone know if Victor sometimes uses a projector to project a scene onto a surface, and then paint over the projected scene?

I am writing from Florida and would like to contact him before visiting Ajijic in November for the Maestros feria.

Thank you!

James L. Castner

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