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TV repair

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Where are you located? I take all TV's, Satelite receivers, tuners, DVD players, etc., that need repair to Louis Rubio on Pepe Guízar (the street lakeside of Soriana that most people take to get to the highway toward Mezcala.) He actually fixed an iron for me that I need to go pick up. Housecalls might be difficult due to the test equipment that might be required (oscillators, vectorform and waveform monitors, trasistor testers, etc.) but I will call him and ask him and report back.

If a housecall is not practical, I am in Riberas. I'd be happy to pick you up and take you over there and back. He usually fixes things for me while I wait.Hopefully that wil be the case for you, too. If not, its not that far and we can go back and pick it up when it is fixed. (I have a Honda CRV SUV so I have good room in the back for transporting a flatsceen.)

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