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InterCasa. . . . what relief.


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We started using Spencer's InterCasa for our papers. Dealing with Denise is an absoute treat where everyone else we have been to is a treatment.

Everthing was clearly explained and all questions answered.

Spencer, you are a lucky man to have Denise in your office. She is pure delightful.

We highly recommend using this office.


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I also agree with maxx. When I recently went to renew my Mexican driver's license, they informed me that I needed to have my CURP. I went down to the Municipal to get it and was informed there, that they no longer issued CURP's for expats there...they only issued them for Mexicans. I needed to go to Guadalajara to get mine...there was nowhere in Chapala to get it. So, I went around the corner to Spencer's office to see if they could help me. "Not a problem," says Denise. I signed an application, they had copies of my documents on file, she told me they would file it at the INM office across the street and would call me when it was ready....in about 2 weeks.

And how much would it have cost me to go to Guadalajara to get it???? Assuming my car didn't break down, I didn't get lost or get a ticket or have an accident. The 200 pesos I paid was a bargain! Thank you Denise. Thank you Spencer, for all your helpful input. I "switched over" to your office for this reason.

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