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Name Change - Car Registration

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What a hassle. Thought I had all my paperwork in order...but no....Had copies of FM3, passport, drivers license, electric bill. Went to city hall and got letter Constancia de Domicilio as I am a renter and all utilities are in the landlord's name. Well, when we went to get the name change and register the car I bought, seems they would not accept the Constancia de Domicilio issued by the city of Chapala. To further confuse things, the electric bill was not in the same name as the landlord, but rather her son's. Checked the phone bill and that is in her husband's name. So, now I have to have a new lease made up showing the son as the landlord so that it matches the electric bill. Luckily, I have a very cooperative landlord and I should have that next week.

I really think the clerk at the registration place is the problem, as it was very clear that my paperwork was in order and that the electric bill was in a family name. Just seems every time I go there it is a double trip because some clerk wants one more thing than the year before...wish they would get their act together or am I missing something?

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