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Need LongTerm Rental

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I have some close friends who are looking for a house to rent - but have some very specific requirements. If you know of anything coming up after April/May time frame - let me know and I'll pass it on.

1 year lease - they are here full time.

2-3 Bed rooms - they prefer 1 level

Fully furnished - they would prefer a nicely decorated house.

Nice Kitchen - modern appliances

2 Baths - would prefer one to have a tub

They have 1 small dog - so a small yard would be good

They want a covered patio because they spend a lot of time out of doors - View would be nice - but not a requirement

Needs to be centrally located (no further East than Chula Vista - no further West than Rancho del Oro) - Village is okay but needs to be relatively quiet

Covered parking for 2 cars

Security - very important

They want to keep rent under $1,000 USD a month

Let me know if you have some place in mind.


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