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https://www.facebook.com/ChapalaMedical/photos/a.422010351187615.100361.419470094774974/658994097489238/?type=3&theaterDr. Santiago...I did not realize you were a plastic surgeon. I thought you were a general practictioner or internist.

Please click on the link above. I have place a link to a patient with a FULL FACELIFT with images that were taken in my office on 3 days and 3 weeks after her surgery. As a doctor, I and one who does aesthetic medicine, the results are phenomenal and more than speak for themselves.

INBOX ME if you'd like results as superb as these.

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Maybe I need some clarification.

I am a FAMILY DOCTOR (not a MEXICAN GP) who did post-graduate training (residency) in FAMILY MEDICINE in the U.S.

I have a team of specialists I refer to and whom I work with as a team. I DO NOT get a FINDERS fee but rather I take care of a good deal of the pre and post-operative care(@Lakeside) as well as assist during the surgeries(whenever possible). The rest of the photos in the FB album showcase the results from some of my patients. I invite you to look at those photos and judge the results for yourselves. BTW, NO Photoshop here.

I have received training in non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as BOTOX and DERMAL FILLERS by a Plastiic Surgeon in Miami.

I do believe that this additional training has helped me develop an eye for talent in the area of plastics. I offered only another option. It seems that the other doctors recommended here have also gotten positive experiences.

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2014 at 10:07 AM, garmemorial said:

Full facelift done 2 weeks ago Wed.

Come see me if you need results.

Hi there,

I guess I am somewhat crashing an old conversation.  I will be headed to Ajijic in July and thought I would also do a prelim check on Plastic Surgeons for a partial face lift.  Do you still recommend Clinica Contour, and do they have a website in English (I live in Austin, Texas).

Thank You


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Dr. Victor Alejandro Rodriguez Aceves, Justo Sierra 2447, Guadalajara, his clinic is Plasma Cirujanos, Tel. 3615

9259 or 3630 0266 and his cell is 044 333 191 4221

I have used this wonderful plastic surgeon for my reconstruction etc. following breast cancer.  He is very qualified and has an extremely caring manner.  He has a female dr who works with him.  I can highly suggest him for any procedure. 

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Had a face lift and arms done by Dr. Ben.  I do not recommend him.  i still have jowls on my face and you can see the scars on one of the arms because he only lipoed one side of each arm and then the skin on both arms moved because one side was heavier than the other.  In addition he first quoted me $4500 dollars for the arms and then when I came back to have it done he tried to get $6500.  I am sure he charges his Mexican patients much less and in pesos.  Why is a Mexican doctor in Mexico charging in dollars??  Buyer beware.

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