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The Cocker we Rescued from Pepe Magana

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A week ago, we rescued the little parti colour cocker spaniel from Dr. Pepe's. We have 6 dogs but decided we could make room for one more little guy. Here is the situation...............

Sam is a beautiful, loving 5 year old who needs to be in a home as the only dog. He is wonderufl with people but he is having issues with our other dogs. He appears to be a mild tempered dog but is showing signs of aggression toward the others. We are concerned as one of ours is a Rotti and Sam seems to dislike big dogs. With 2 golden retirevers and the rotti - we don't want to keep Sam here and have a problem.

If anyone out there could help by giving Sam a home (best without other dogs) , we would be forever grateful. He is nuetered, has all shots, has been dewormed and frontlined. Sam is housetrained and loves to sit on your lap, follow you around the house, loves walks, is great on leash, is just an all round great little guy.

Please help me, I simply cannot and do not want to take him back to Pepe's back room and crate. He deserves so much better.

If you would like a picture, please PM me.

Thank you for your consdieration.

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Have you considered calling Art Hess to see if he can offer advice on making the transition a good one for all the dogs. I'm sure he would be able to help.

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We are very experienced dog owners - over 30 years with multiple dogs in our home.

Today was a revoluton....................we realized that Sam is not the problem...............Sam being a Street Dog is trying to instill "dog manners" in our existing pack!!!

Woooh, sometimes it takes "a dog" to show you what is right and what is wrong.

Sam is not going anywhere - we are going to work on this and know that all will work out.

And maybe, just maybe, Sam will become the alpha dog and keep the other 6 in line.

Today was a good day and we are seeing things quite different from this mornings post.

The Rotti and 2 Goldens have bowed down.................I think this was a pack order in the works.

Spaniel won - big dogs lost.

Lovin the nature of hounds..............

Thanks for your comments, Sam is here to stay!

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Ok Moderator, please close this thread. Sam is here to stay!

Another update.......................this evening after now 9 days.................Sam is boss dog and all the other 6 are respectful of him - no more agression - just accomodation.

Guess we were just a little remature in the origional post .................

Just were worred about ramifications on the little guy vs. big scary Rotti.

Update on Rotti - WoW - has she learned a few lessons on manners.

Thanks Sam.......................all is good.

Sam has him forever home.,

Sorry to have bothered and upset anyone.

Cheers!! Life is good and we are thrilled and proud to have rescued 7 of the little creatures!

Couldn't image life without "the dogs".


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BLESS YOU ALL!!!! You have inspired me to go pick up the little mix pup I saw this am at Punta Negra. She will have to stay around the house, but she will be cared for while we housesit around Chapala. Just can't leave her hungry at the beach!

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We need help. Last night we lost our little doxie poodle cross. She is black, wearing a pink collar & flea collar. She was frightened by the rockets & got out of our gate in the vicinity of Zaragoza & Aquiles Serdan. I have called the Shelter & Anita's. She cannot see very well & is a little hard of hearing. I don't know where to begin to look for her. Please help us find our little lost rescue dog. Anyone finding her please call - 766-4619.

Ldyblond - you need to start a new thread, your message is lost here. Perhaps a kind hearted Mod. would move it.

All the very best in finding your little lost dog.

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