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Pups, Poodles and Lots of Other Dogs Looking for a Real Home

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Dogs at Anita's available for Adoption: http://www.lakechapaladogcenter.com/main/adopt_me_anita.php

This pup really needs a lap and a hug.

This lovely girl looks like she would make a great companion:

The black one is really really big and plays well with others:

And more poodle/poodle types that look like they have had some grooming appointments in the past -

This one is a loveable small apricot poodle. How do these dogs end up groomed and homeless at Anitas?

The black one is an older pup that has been fostered with cats! Desperately looking for some love and attention! The brown one is a friendly one that gets along with the other dogs very well.

These pups are being fostered for Anitas and are now seven weeks and ready for a real home:

This brown on brown large dog has gorgeous coloring - and would make a great companion:

If you are interested in any of the dogs, just print the dog's picture and take it out to Anitas as she doesn't have a computer - for more information about hours and directions and pictures of more dogs:

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