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Chef Quality/Restaurant Supply stores in Guadalajara?

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Have a friend who recently moved to town who is a classically trained French Chef and former restaurant owner. We were lucky enough to be invited to dinner at his and his wife's house last night and, boy, it was spectacular. He's looking to outfit his kitchen....has already been to the likes of Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro and Andares, etc. He's looking for some specific things. I figure there has to be high-end commercial quality kitchen stores, and also restaurant supply places in Guadalajara.

I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find the threads. Can anyone give me the names and location of specialty kitchen stores? And also, is there one particular area of Gualalajara with Restaurant Supply stores?

Today I bought some saffron for him, and I'm trying to guild the lily with some more info so that we're sure to be invited back! :o


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Avenida La Paz (between la Calzada de Independencia and Federalismo) has it all (the professional stuff) and for the small luxurious (kind of fancy) items : Fabricas de Francia on Juarez (I believe that these days they have a very interesting discount). I love that store but am too poor to buy there.


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I will second Avineda La Paz- that street has many, many stores- small & large with everything to outfit a restaurant or a home kitchen including appliances. The prices are much better than Belle Cuisine plus you can bargain and get discounts. I took a friend there and she got a nice set of dinnerware that reminds me of all the unusual dinnerware they use on "Chopped".


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While Belle Cuisine certainly has lots of baking stuff, it is not "mostly" a baking shop. They have tons of kitchen stuff. Pricey, though, so I will check out La Paz, although having driven that street a million times I can't picture where any of the stores like that are. How far from the glorieta that starts the street? Before you get to Suehiro? I do recall lots of tile and bathroom shops.

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