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Bisbee Gal

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Sampled an excellent version of Mexico's National Dish last night at La Boheme restaurant (opposite the west side of Ajijic's Plaza).

The cook at La Boheme is from Puebla, where the dish originated and her version of Chiles en Nogada is as good as any I've had anywhere, including in Puebla. They are served at room temperature which is the traditional way to serve them. It was a very large chile stuffed with a tasty beef-pork mixture and a lot of fruit, both dried and fresh. The walnut sauce was very creamy and it was topped with just the right amount of fresh pomegranate seeds. The cost was 100 pesos.

This is a seasonal dish served in celebration of Dia de Independencia (16 de Septiembre). Hurry over to La Boheme soon!

For those unfamiliar with this dish, you can read about it here:


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I was going to start a new post for this and saw Bisbee Gals post:

For any of you fellow Chiles en Nogada fans, last evening we went to La Boheme for the first time and they had if as a special. It was served slightly heated - my preference - and delicious. A bit more complex flavor than other versions I've had so very likable. Don't know if it's always available, forgot to ask as we were raving about everything we had especially the Walnut Soup that my wife had.

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