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La Boheme, fun new place


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Beside the municipal building in Ajijic, across from the taxi stands on the plaza. A couple of nice young ladies have opened this nifty little tapas place. It's beautifully decorated, right down to the silk brocade tablecloths and matching chairs. The menu offers an interesting variety of salads, snacks (tapas) and light meals, all at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Went Saturday at around 8 pm, during that 10-minute downpour. I had a really delicious walnut soup and a bowl of excellent chili. My partner had one of the best pesto pastas I've ever tasted, and for 50 pesos it came with choice of chicken, ham, or shrimp. The onion soup was very, very tasty, but far from French onion, and would have been worth devouring it if hadn't been for that decadent walnut soup. Service was prompt and happy, the table was decorated with garlic bread and individually-wrapped mini baguettes. The one dessert was tiramisu, which I could not tuck into. I also tried the sausage tempura: the tempura batter and dipping sauce delicious... unfortunately the sausage turned out to be Zwan weiners or something.

Generous glasses of limonada mineral made properly rounded out the meal. A total of $265 pesos, which included two soups, an appetizer, two main dishes and three drinks. Also on the menu, an interesting salad "bar" for $70p: you don't go to a bar, they let you choose the ingredients from the menu and they make it up for you, from a large selection of fresh ingredients. And there's a half a menu of tapas treats, none of which I had room to try.

I'll be going back: it's a nice place, and the girls have put a lot of thought and effort into everything from the art on the walls to the kitschy knick-knacks.

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I just came from La Boheme. I ordered the pasta oregano with some chicken. It came with 4 pieces of a top notch garlic bread. The pasta was good. 50P

My friend ordered the tapas. The tapas come on a board and are six slices of a French bread each about1 inch thick with melted cheese with toppings ofyour choice. Some of the toppings were spinach, turkey ham, etc. 70P

My friend ordered a small pitcher of water for two of us..10P

We ordered coffee. It looked like tea and tasted like dishwater. They use Cafe Grano coffee so they figured their machine was not working right. We didn't drink it. No charge.

I had wanted a limanada but they would have made it with sugar so I passed as they had no sugar free substitute.

Would I go back? Yes, but not often as the menu is limited.

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Delicious and beautiful little place.

We had dinner in this very nice and friendly place. It offers one of the best salads i had in years.

Make sure you take the house dressing.

You can choose your own salad mix and the friendly and warm chef will magicly turn it into an perfect composition.

And the prices are amazingly low.

Thank you very much for this nice evening.

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