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I wonder if the cocina mods have thought about a separate forum for info on whether dogs, cats, parrots, etc. can accompany owners to restaurants...something like the new crime forum.

Reason being, is that so many times when people are debating or opining about the merits of food and service in a place, someone has to bring up the animal factor, which starts bloodshed, dosen't help the topic, and usually gets the thread shut down.

People who are allies about positive aspects (food and service) of the restaurant can turn on a dime and become bitter enemies over the dog question. This deprives the people who want know about the real qualities of the place and cuts short the discussion.

Maybe somehing like...Dog Friendly and Unfriendly Restaurants. That's all we need to know...instead of this philosophical and idealogoical debate over what and why is right.

Just sayin'

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The owners of this webboard, Coldwell Banker, pay for it and prefer to limit the number of forums. They were generous and allowed us to add the new Crime Forum.

Sorry, but no, this isn't going to happen. I just keep hoping that people will tire of the "philosophical and idealogoical debate over what and why is right."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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