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Whsitling Kettles: a priority list


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Must be Friday... can't type at all. WHISTLING KETTLES.

Okay, so this kettle has to be for the stovetop. It has to have two openings: a big one for adding water, and the spout for adding water if preferred. The whistle on the spout must stay in the open position when needed, without using a trigger.

The handle must not be metal or other heat conductor, and it must be designed in such a way as to allow easy ingress of the tap or garafon water.

Back home, I preferred the porcelain vs. the metal type, because you can get some wild and truly god-awful flowery designs, which were fun in a sick sort of way. But never liked the ones shaped like The Old Lady In The Shoe, or anything like that.

It should probably be metal, because it will take a lot of abuse.

And finally, having bought three different ones at the store in Chapala, it must have a whistle that can be heard a couple of rooms away. The ones I had met most of my criteria, but the whistle truly sucked. And you should see the fun I had when returning one of those to the guy who owns that store...

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I searched high and low for months for a whistling tea kettle that I wouldn't have to take out a mortgage to buy. I finally found one in January at the dollar store on the south side of the plaza in Ajijic. It was cheap, only about 110 pesos. It does all of the things you say, but I feel more secure picking it up with a hot pad. I wouldn't say the handle gets really hot, but it does get warm. It might be worth looking there. As I recall, they were on the left side of the store, toward the front of the store. It was several months ago, though.

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