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El Botete(Blow Fish) Fishmarket and Cafe


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New specialty Fishmarket comes to Chapala.

located on Juarez(cross street miguel martinez) #634A.

Just had breakfast there and it was marvelous. A seafood omlet to die for.

Hours are 8:00 to 5 pm.

Marco Ocampo is the owner. Speaks English !

He has Salmon. atun, Pulpo, Camaron etc.

cell. 331 351 2927

A simple place with all kinds of seafood and a great meal also.

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Go up the street by the bus station, turn right (on Juarez) at the first stop sign (where the fabric store is) . The restaurant / market is 1/2 block on the right. Parking on Juarez is usually scarce , you will have better luck on Flavio Romero and even better when they finish the work on the main street with the parking meters.

This is a very Mexican, family run business. They will prepare any thing you want any way you want it. Marco encourages you to call ahead for special orders, large parties, to check on availability or to reduce wait time. He could not be more enthusiastic about what he does and he is fully invested in not only the quality of the food he serves, but customer satisfaction as well. he aims to please. Decor is metal tables and plastic chairs, I think there are maybe 5 tables.now but plans for more in the future.

One of the "specialty items is Oysters on the half shell, and they are very good. Much larger than the ones at Gossips. He is out of those at the moment cause we ate em all. I think they were about $ 70.00 a dozen . Everything is very reasonably priced. They have whole blue crab too, cooked any way you like, All of our food came to the table well prepared and in a timely manner. With entrees you get your choice of rice or french fries and a small salad and some very good garlic bread.

The fish market has three types of Shrimp,including giant sized with heads on....I have been looking for those to do New Orleans style BBQ Shrimp at home and they are hard to find. $150.00 kilo

I did notice that all of his prices are a little less than the upstairs Chapala market ...Frozen Basa filets are $60.00 a kilo .

This is our new favorite restaurant.

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Soft shells are blue crabs that are have recently molted their shell, usually in May. Highly prized from the Chesapeake Bay. Lived in DC Metro for 30+ years and there's nothin' better than a deep fried soft shell crab sandwich, with it's little legs hanging outside the bun. The local Vietnamese and Thai restaurants often feature soft shells, too. Ahhhh....we'll be there in May and I shall sample them all!

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I agree, it's a lot of work to eat whole Blue crabs,and I wouldn't want to try to eat them in a restaurant in polite company cause it ain't pretty...They are small crabs found in warm, shallow waters. We used to catch them in nets when I was a kid in Florida and they were delicious. But now I prefer to buy the meat already cooked and picked out.

Fried soft shell crab is the best food I have ever eaten! I will ask Marcos if he can get them during the season...She crab soup is also pretty amazing.

If you are going to order the crabs in the restaurant, I would call ahead because they are frozen.

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Blue crabs in the Chesapeake and tributaries have a strict size limit (currently 5" across for males) to be 'keepers.' They are easy to catch with traps, though we have caught plenty with a piece of gamey chicken neck on a string.

I agree they are too much work to pick apart, but it's fun once a year to go to the beach, order a bushel steamed and spiced and go at them with crab mallets, nutcrackers and picks.

Machine picked fresh blue crab meat can have too many bits of shell; it's harder and harder (and more expensive) to find handpicked fresh blue crab meat, but still possible in some of the smaller towns in the summers around the Bay.

Yes, soft shell crabs are wonderful!

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