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Where is Mexico Headed?


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Seems to me we have enough childish posts from all around... complaining that a poster is 'negative' because they point out realities others don't want to think about would be one example. Trolling with posts that are obviously just made to engage the 'trolls' is another.

This is the country most of us have chosen to live in and is full of wonderful traits and behaviors but it still is a country with a 47% poverty rate, VERY high un/under employment and not much opportunity because of poor or non existent infrastructure. Things are getting worse not better. Thinking everyone here is happy and prosperous is just plain silly and reminds me of folks in the US south saying slaves where happier under slavery since they were all smiling then.... Ya'll may want this to be as much a paradise for the locals as it is for us... but get real. I also might help to travel around the country and see more than the conservative and more prosperous north.

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It is interesting to see which posters seem driven to react to what was simply an observation that some are excessively negative on this country and seem driven to post about it constantly on this board.

Yup, should have pluralized "nerve." :)

Things are getting worse everywhere in case some of y'all haven't noticed.

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Board Rules"

Posted 27 April 2010 - 02:22 PM
It seems some of us have forgotten that this board strives to be an informative, useful and interesting place for prospective newcomers, newcomers and old-timers to share information and get their questions answered. It is not here for the purpose of expressing one's personal rancor towards another poster.

I agree. This thread is closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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