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There unfortunately was a mus-understanding about the burgers at 60's in Paradise. We do not charge extra for how a burger is cooked. The web board is a unique tool, I am hoping that it can make a positive difference.

The hamburgers are 55 to 65 pesos for almost a half pound of ground sirloin beef. I was shocked to read that the person Carol's bill. I do not know all of the details and just feel awful about the situation. I can only offer to make it right .......... and I really do want to do this. If Carol can email me artelauri@yahoo.com and give me an opportunity I would greatly appreciate it.

Yes, I am a new owner and all I want is to offer the best quality meat for the best price. We go every morning and select the steak to be ground, so it is NOT left over meat that most hamburger places use. We use a very high quality cut of meat and make a very large burger. We stuff it, we caramelize onions, we have almost every topping we can think of. Do we want to be better, absolutely. So please help us to be better. Please, I do not want to have anyone walk away and not feel they got the best burger that we could offer.

Almost every week we eat at different restaurants that sell burgers, so we can compare the quality and the price. I truly thought that 55 to 65 pesos for almost half a pound of Sirloin Beef was lower or about the same as most places. I will continue to do this and will do my best to listen.

I know I am very close to this situation as a new owner. So I invite you to let me know what you think and offer me your opinion at artelauri@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading if you got this far. And please help me be a better burger joint owner.

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60's in Paradise is #10 Hidalgo, about 4 doors from the Ajijic Plaza.

We also offer free parking a block away, Marcos Castellanos #19B, right above the Ajijic Plaza. Marcos Castellanos is the up street on the other side of the Ajijic Plaza, it is kind of above the Ajijic Plaza.

Thanks for noticing our new mural outside, Victor and his wife did a great job. They painted a little paradise outside and instead of the plants having flowers they have hamburgers as the blooms.

Dan Noll painted two small cartoon murals inside of 60's cartoons. He did an absolutely fantastic job and it really brightened up the place. Dan is offering art classes in the back. Actually there are 3 different art teachers offering art classes in the back. Go to our website 60paradise.com and you can read about the art classes.

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