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Winter getting here early, climate change?


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Ah, a gathering of true believers for sure. And when their arguments run out, the personal attacks begin.

Viajero, I'm only trying to show you that this is far from settled science. The links we've all put up show that. The fact that some of these "scientists" with an agenda either way feel the need to hide or alter the data to prove their poiints of view show that. The fact that some measurements show cooling, some show warming, some show lower ocean rise, some show less accummulation of CO2, all show that this is not settled science.

At one time in the history of man, the majority of the authorities on the topic thought the earth was flat too. The herd doesn't always get it right, sometimes they all run off the cliff. At this point in time, whether you like it or not, the only thing we know for sure is that we've been in a warming cycle. It is far from being the warmest cycle. We don't know what all the causes are and we don't know how much each contributes.

And none of you true believers have told us how you are going to get the major polluters (these days) on the planet to buy into this theory. If you think that simply piling on the already failing U.S. economy while the rest of the world, including BTW this country which is pretty polluted in case you haven't noticed, goes right on, is a solution you are kidding yourselves.

Y'all have a nice warm day.


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Sorry, much of this IS settled science. The affect of greenhouse gases has been "settled" for 150 years. It is fifth-grade science, not a radical new concept. And we can measure how we are altering the make-up of atmospheric gases.

97% of climate scientists who have actually studied this issue agree: global warming is occurring and it is anthropogenic. The only ones who disagree are paid by Exxon and the Koch brothers (no agenda there!) (BTW the Kochs recently funded a climate study by a prominent denier physicist at Berkeley...who after 2 years' work was forced by the data to admit that, yes, the world IS getting warmer, AND at exactly the same rate as the disputed models have demonstrated).

Religion, or more accurately "faith", is belief in something without evidence. Something somebody said on TV or the internets isn't evidence of anything--unless you can produce peer-reviewed studies to back it up.

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I agree with MadMax

You should be more respectful and civilized to other people opinions. You don't have to put down others to make a point. Don't you think its fair to say that both of you may have a valid argument on your statements. Science is an ever changing matter. The only thing I know is that things are changing in this planet and we have to take control of those things that are withing our control and let the planet evolution take its course. We cannot do anything to stop the movement of the tectonic plates but we can control the CO2 emissions and methane gas that is polluting our planet. Do you know that the permafrost is disappearing in the north pole and its causing the methane gas to get into our atmosphere, a very dangerous situation. Polar bears are drowning. In their search for food they have to swim longer stretches of water. In other words either they are drowning or starving to death.

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Except that global average temperature has stopped increasing.


The Russians have said all along that it is about a long period of high sunspot activity that has now ended and we can expect falling temperatures. Not sure whose right here but it should be obvious to any impartial observer that global warming is far from an established fact. And global climate change is the only established fact there is on this topic, since it has been going on for as long as this planet has had a climate.

Frankly, I think social and economic collapse followed by population collapse is going to happen a whole lot sooner than any dire weather event. There are far too many people on this planet burning through non renewable resources on which the unsustainable planetary population depends. Just as one example, take a look at how much fossil energy it takes to sustain the current planetary agricultural regime which in turn has allowed planetary population to reach 7 billion. And ask yourself just how long this can continue.

I'm glad I'm not a young person facing a future of decline and chaos.

I totally agree with your assessment. Overpopulation and depletion of natural resources are a big factor. I remember George Carlin saying that the planet will shake us off like fleas in a dog. True. Nature is the great equalizer. It happened before and will happen again

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I guess that is why those 144 scientists wrote that letter to the U.N.

And BTW, the greatest greenhouse gas of all is water vapor.

And water vapor comes from evaporation of surface water cause by high temperatures. We are going around in circles

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"Settled science" huh. You mean like one of the basic laws of physics that nothing travels faster than light? - which is now being questioned as it appears neutrinos may travel faster?

Global warming or whatever you choose to call it has been, and continues to be, a wonderful tool for governments to do the two things all governments do, tax and control. All the dreams of wind farms are falling off as tens of thousands have been shut down, another nail in the coffin.

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