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Mix and Match Event September 15th


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We’ve got a another event planned for September (the first event being the one year anniversary party last night at #4 which turned out to be a ton of fun). Our second event will take place on Thursday, September 15th and involves a boat trip to Mezcala Island. I am in the process of planning now. We will meet in Mezcala at 10:00, tour the island with an English speaking guide as well as a small museum, stop for lunch on the way home at an Italian restaurant that you just won’t believe, and be home way before dark. The cost will depend on how many attend but I’m sure will be below $150 pesos (not including lunch). Portions at this restaurant are big so we can do a lot of sharing and the pizza is really good. I’ll have specifics in a couple of days.

Would you be interested in a trip like this? If so please go to the poll and vote. I can take 10 in each boat but two boats maximum. Ten people is ideal but if we can add a second boat if necessary.

PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH A LARGE BOAT (50 PEOPLE MINIMUM) TRIP BEING ORGANZED BY PHIL FOR OCTOBER 6TH. The Mezcala trip will be a small, intimate group of people lasting a couple of hours maso menos. Thanks.

Your event coordinator for this trip is Annie Green greeninmexico@gmail.com

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