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I'm with you! :D


Did a direct comparison between the two restaurants that seem to be competing for the "Best French Onion Soup" title. Hands down, 2 Spoons wins this one - for flavor, content and quantity. I was served the soup in a bowl that more closely resembled a saucer at their competitors' last week. It had few onions in it a few swirls of cheese floating around, and not much flavor...not to mention an unbelievably small portion.

2 Spoon's soup was so good, I took a "Para Llevar" 2nd "bowl" home with me. The toast and cheese were packaged separately, and I was given instructions on how best to cook it. Gonna nuke it anyway, but appreciated their concern about a dish that was walking out the door. Rarely does a customer get that. Their soup was rich and tasty with lots of onions, adequate bread/toast to soak up the broth, and covered completely with a great melted cheese.

OTOH, the meatloaf 50 peso lunch at Roberto's was a bargain. Large serving, flavorful and with all the extra goodies you get when dining there. So there you go; hits & misses. Long-term success will depend upon consistency (like Mom's & Panino's) and responding to the feedback they're getting at their tienda and on forums like Chapala.com. Kudu's to Coldwell Banker for creating and sponsoring this sounding board for all of our benefit.

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Kudos to you, mdutch...for a good post.

These local restaurant owners are in one of the toughest businesses there is. Most go broke in the first year for any number of reasons. The survivors do so primarily on "word of mouth" recommendation and this web board is one of the places where word is spread. I appreciate that.

We are also entitled to express our opinions, both positive and negative, because in doing so we are being of help to others on the board. If a place has high prices for what they're serving, slow service and so-so food, I want to hear about it so I won't be wasting my pesos there.

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I was back at Two Spoons yesterday for the 4th or 5th time for their onion soup. It is excellent. No One here at Lakeside makes it better or many places in the US or Canada either.

My friend had a fish platter and said it was wonderful.

Julia could not be a better hostess.

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