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"Petrossian" Restaurant - Plaza Andares in Guadalajara


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PETROSSIAN Restaurant in Plaza Andares in Guadalajara

Tuesday, after our bi-monthly visit to COSTCO, my wife and I mosied over to Plaza Andares

and had lunch to celebrate her birthday.

We ate at PETROSSIAN, a street-side cafe/bistro restaurant fronting on the major street

edging Plaza Andares. (intersection of Aquaducto and Patria). One can eat either in or out

but if out, it's in a very attractive street-side covered eating area with fans and TVs. We

ate inside, where there was soft jazz and air-conditioning and at two o'clock no patrons yet.

Our experience here was totally delightful. The service was attentive and very friendly,

especially our waiter Salvador, but also the chef, Rogelio.

As we mused over the menu a young woman from the front desk appeared table-side to help us interpret

some of the menu entries and the "terminales" about meat preparation (azul to medio).

Our appetizers were a crostini con foie gras which was delightful and different with a slice

of quince below the foie gras..delicious. My appetizer was a salad "Petrossian", very well

dressed in a light balsamic vinagrette and blue cheese.

For the main course my wife had the rack of lamb, encrusted in pastacchios and presented on

a bed of mashed potatoes and mushrooms, perfectly cooked and very flavorful.

I ordered the "Sol y Montagna" (surf and turf).. nice small filet on mashed potatoes and three

large prawns, vertically presented..both perfectly cooked and quite delicious.

In tribute to the occasion the kitchen sent out a small chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

and "Feliz Dia Diana" swirled out in chocolate on the plate.

All in all a very pleasurable luncheon and for less than a thousand pesos.

Our four spoons recommendations.

Rogelio Y Diana

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We've been there and thought it was good. But it is not comparable in any way to the Petrossian in NYC. They claim to be owned by the same people,but it is very different. If you go to the Plaza Andares restaurant thinking you are going to the same Petrossian as in NYC you will be very disappointed.

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Thanks for your review- we live 3 blks from Andares and eat or meet friends there often- BUT- none of us have ever eaten at Petrossian - saw the menu once when they first opened but

Everyone we know- friends neighbors etc -seems to flock to the other end of restaurant row at La Matera which is very very popular- with a wait of 1.5 hrs or more on Fri and Sat.

Did Petrossian they have any Russian food on menu (Stroganoff- Caviar etc) or is the usual Steak etc- Lamb sounds very good

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