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A return visit to Tabarka, a Spanish seafood restaurant we very much enjoyed during our visit last year. Last year, after 3 visits, was that it was a bit pricey by Lakeside standards, but very, very good high-quality seafood, perfectly prepared. Wine list was a bit higher than other local places, but still not really overpriced. For the quality, we did not mind the prices for a special occasion.

This year, we returned again, to celebrate the beginning of our summer in Ajijic. The menu has been dramatically shortened, having very few dishes to choose from. Basically, all that is left is a choice of three paella's and the grilled fish platter for two ($260 pesos for two). There are about 8 appetizers to choose from, ranging in price from about $80 to $120 pesos. We split an order or grilled calamari, which was several whole squid, partially cut into rings for easy separation at the table. Cooked on the grill with olive oil and a bit of garlic and roasted red peppers, this was a very good appetizer. Generous serving, enough for four lite appetites.

Both couples ordered the grilled fish platters, with came with three different types of fish, which change daily depending on what's fresh. We enjoyed the grouper enormously. The monk fish was quite good also. The swordfish was, well, just okay. Three kinds of salsa's/dips were also brought for the fish, all of us enjoying the spicy, red sauce the best. Roasted potatoes as well.

Overall, it was a fine meal, but I can't say I'm as enthusiastic as I was last year. Our overall feeling is that the place isn't getting enough customers. Which is sad, as they obviously care about their quality and preparation.

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Guest RevImmigrant

A friend and I went to dinner at Tabarka recently on a Sunday night. She wanted the monkfish and shrimp on a skewer appetizer, but it was unavailable. We shared the 3 kinds of fish special; since they only had sea bass and monkfish, they gave us an extra portion of each in lieu of the third type of fish. The fish was excellent; I've never seen such a large, thick filet of sea bass. They were somewhat stingy with the garlic sauce and apparently felt that we should put the fennel sauce on the fish instead, but I don't care for fennel except in very small quanitities and prefer the garlic sauce in abundance. My friend ate all the green salad and I ate all the roasted red peppers in accordance with our preferences. The potatoes would have been better had they been peeled, but serving them boiled with the peeling is typical of much of Europe so I had to peel them at the table. We were both too full for desert, having stuffed on the excellent bread and aioli plus the generous portion of the entree. Overall, it was excellent and we will definitely go back.

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La Tabarka is my favorite fish restaurant at Lakeside. I especially love the monkfish. The sauces are very good too. Service is generally quite friendly and usually there is one free appetizer thrown in. I would hate to see it close.


As a bonus, this is the only place that I have ever seen[just beside the outdoor patio] a chicken way,way up, high up in a tree too - and that was before the wine arrived!

The chewy rustic bread and aolli are wonderful, and I like the little "amuse bouche" they toss in too- always something that you might not order a whole plate of, but interesting to try.

I always feel that the owner really cares about doing a good job,is very professional,and takes pride in his restaurant.

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