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Calderon Is Getting Serious

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Willies right about the history, though. What we call corruption is in fact a system whereby government jobs were sold to the highest bidder who then was expected to collect mordida to pay for the job and support himself. The Spanish brought the mordida system with them and it is very ingrained in this country as well as other countries in this hemisphere that the Spanish conquered and dominated.

You may recall that Franco stamped it out in Spain basically by killing a whole bunch of folks and imposing a fascist government. IMO, this cure is worse than the disease.

Drug sales bring something like 30 billion a year into this country. That will buy a lot of government "officials." That is reality.

Personally, I think the drug "problem" needs to be given back to the U.S. and deals cut on this side that mandate the narcos do not sell their stuff here or otherwise imflict themselves on the Mexican people. In other words, sell all you want to the Ameri