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Immigration Law Changes


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Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed on these changes.

Currently FM2 holder can only be outside the country 18 months every 5 years.

As far as capital gains exemption, you cannot do it on an FMT, only with an FM2 or FM3 and there are other guidelines to follow.

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There was a meeting in SMA with Ed Clancy US consulate rep and Mexican government reps.

Here is one part:

Mexican consulates in the US and Canada will no longer issue FM3s. FM3s and FM2s will no longer be in booklet form like a US passport but will be plastic cards with imbedded data strips. The FMT will be replaced with an FMM that will have three options: one is a regular tourist permit like the current FMT, and the other two options will be for business people who come to Mexico for up to 180 days to conduct business for their foreign-based corporations. It is not true that the new FMMs will allow tourists in general to work during their 180 day maximum stays in Mexico. The rules overall are going to remain the same but the intent of the changes is for the process to be simplified.

To get more info on cars, prescription drugs etc please read the following as it is REALLY interesting.



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