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Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Update: URGENT

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This sounds a bit promising, given the severity of the storm.

From www.butterflydigest.com

(Note: the following is an **approximate** translation of a news article.)

They estimate that 10% of the monarchs died from the continuous rains

and hailstorms

Residents are asked to conduct an inspection to determine the status

of the sanctuary.

Tuesday February 9, 2010

Enrique Vilchis

Cambio de Michoacan

Ocampo, Michoacan - Approximately ten percent of the monarch butterfly

died of rains that hit the community last week of El Rosario. Now

those in charge of the Sanctuary of the Monarch called on the

authorities to conduct a study of the damage left by heavy rains in

the mountains where the butterfly, before reopening its doors to

tourists, for the safety of all, they said.

During a tour of the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary community of Rosario,

the charge of the place said that the rains which lasted four days,

left a mortality of about ten percent.

They noted that the majority of Lepidoptera are alive and are hovering

throughout the Sanctuary, in these days of sun.

It is important to say that the Monarch is at the bottom of the

mountain, at the gates of the sanctuary, formed a mat of these insects

on the steps, can be seen by thousands.

In relation to the dead butterflies, said the commissioners, only the

butterflies that fell to the ground with hail died, because this

phenomenon kills them, adding that most were able to survive storms.

full text in Spanish: http://www.cambiodemichoacan.com.mx/vernota.php?id=118024

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From the Michoacan Yahoo group. Jose works on a reforestation project in the area

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You can visit Chincua going in from Maravatio to St. Maria take a right as if you were going to Angangueo that will take you to Chincua , You can not enter from Angangueo, You can also visit Cerro Pelon they a in good condition and not too far a walk. To go to Pelon you must go first to Zitacuaro then to Macheros or Capulin that is the way up or in what ever. Good luck it will be raining Thursday Friday and Saturday, Sunday Cloudy not good for visiting the Monarchs. Be well, JL

PS you can not get into Rosario the road is still wasted out.

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For further information on the monarch butterfly reserves, please read Mexico Cooks! for the week beginning February 13: http://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2010/02/storm-on-the-mountain-mariposas-monarcas-monarch-butterflies-michoac%C3%A1n-2010.html

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Just received word from Charter Club tours that their February trip to the Monarchs has been cancelled. Said there had been heavy snows in the high country where the butterflies are located.

Que lastima!

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