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I don't think that is 100% true - I read somewhere a few months ago, but don't remember where, that if the owner is not a resident, the tenant is to withhold tax from the rent payment. Or something to that effect. Sorry I don't remember where I read it.

Shelley you are exactly right and applies to when the landlord is living outside Mexico. I believe paid by the 15th of each month. I also believe the amount withheld is 25%. Pay what is due rather than complaining about crime and garbage and lack of services otherwise the corruption extends to all. Below is the link and in English. Also, buying pirated videos, cd's only compounds the problem and often supports the narcos in money laundering.


And it says....

Real property leasing and renting

Considered as income from leasing are the amounts a foreign resident obtains for leasing, and in general from granting the use or benefit, and other rights agreed, on real property even when income is obtained from the sale or transfer of the rights mentioned above, as long as said assets are located on national territory.

Income tax computation and mode of payment

Tax will be paid by applying the 25% rate on the income obtained, without any deduction. Those who make the payments must calculate, withhold and pay the corresponding tax before the Tax Aministration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria). When the person who makes the payments is a foreign resident, the taxpayer who obtains the income must calculate and pay the tax by filing a return, either through the Internet or at a banking window, within the next 15 following days to that in which the income was obtained.

Obligation to issue receipts for leasing or for collected income

Lessees must issue receipts for the rents, which must fulfil the fiscal requirements, except the Federal Taxpayers' Registry code number (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes). Moreover, they must contain the account number of the real property tax. Receipts may not fulfill the following requirements:

The information they contain is printed.

Receipts printed by authorized establishments.

When the rent is paid to a trust company, the fiduciary institution must issue the receipts, withhold and pay the corresponding tax.


Income obtained from personal property leasing, destined for commercial, industrial, farming, cattle raising or fishing activities, used in the country. It is presumed that leasing of personal property is destined to the activities mentioned above and used in the country, when the user resides in Mexico or is a nonresident with a permanent establishment in national territory. In case the personal property are destined to activities different from the previously mentioned, it is considered that the wealth source is in the country when the material delivery of the personal property is carried out in this country.

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You cannot have an FM3 to study and work, I was told I could in the beginning but that wasn't the case. I kept my work authorization and then had the Secretary of Education approve my course of study with the university as I do it online and don't need to enter the country to study. It took a while to get the approval but now I'm all legit.

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