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Illegals in Mexico


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Bulletin No. 136/09.

Mexico D.F., 10 August 2009.

The NMI launches a Regularization Program

It benefits to aliens and their families who entered the country before 1 of January 2007.

The National Migration Institute (INM), Department of the Ministry of the Interior implemented the Regularization of Migration Program, which provides better facilities to foreigners and their families to expedite the legalization of their residence in the country, providing legal certainty and access to social programs. It also prevents their vulnerability by being subjected to abuse, corruption or human rights violation.

The NMI offers to illegal aliens a commitment not to ensure those who approach the institution to perform regularization procedures.

Program features are:

* Valid until two and a half years after its publication

* Applies to foreigners of any nationality who are irregularly in national territory, which have come to Mexico before 1of January 2007 to express their interest to reside in our country.

* Will benefit those with a legal job, and those who are the spouses of Mexican or foreign person legally established in Mexico, have first-degree blood relationship, or have at least one year of living in union with Mexican or foreign person with legal residence.

* They will be legitalized as an FM2´s.

Since November, 2008 until July 2009, the program has helped stabilize a 220 thousand foreigners.

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