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I have posted this for those of you who are looking into painting your house either now or in the future and may not be familiar with proper techniques used in Mexico.

This information comes from my 8 years of living here, my own personal experience and talking with several good Contractors and Painting Contractors. Get bids from at least 2 high quality recommended painters. Painting should be done before May or after November to get best job while concrete is absolutely dry.


1. Scrape and wire brush off all loose and flaking paint.

2. Power wash entire house to remove loose paint, mildew, etc and generally clean chalked paint

3. Fill all cracks

4. Prime entire house with Alcafin or Fester Festerbond. Do not prime exterior with Sealer, White cement and white paint as it will bleed through the final coats of paint.

5. Paint 2 or 3 full coats of paint as it comes from the can. It may be thinned 10% with water. If your Contractor wants to thin it, give him a 2.5 litre soda bottle of clean purified water from your tap per 5 gallon (19 liter) bucket. Absolutely no more water than that.

6. Paint finish coats using a 5” or 6” brush or thick roller only, NOT A CEPILLIO. A cepillo does not put on enough of a paint film for durability.

7. Refinishing your wood beams on your Terrace or overhangs: Choose your

stain color and ask your Contractor to mix your stain with Pentadragon or

Pentaprisa. This is a clear solution wood product that kills termites. Or use the Pentadragon or Pentaprisa first, then apply 2 coats of stain.

8. Refinishing your Metal Gates, Doors, Garage, etc: The surfaces must be

sanded with fine sandpaper first, like 400 wet/dry. Choose your color in an

“Esmalte” paint, oil base in either Semi Gloss or Gloss.

You can have your Contractor do this two ways, either by putting on a Red Oxide rust preventative primer first, then 2 finish coats of paint without thinning. Or you can have him purchase the paint with the Rust Preventative built in. It’s better to use the rust preventative separately, especially if any rust is showing.

9. Ask your contractor for a 5 year Guarantee.

Note: Only use Comex Vinimex paint. It has a satinado finish. Matte finish paints are cheaper and generally do not last. Forget using inferior products like Tonal, Prisa or Sherwin Williams.

Highly Recommended


(He has done work for 8 of us in Los Arroyos Sur)

Francisco Villa # 11 - Ajijic

Talk to: RUBEN “CHINO” CHAVARRIA (Speaks perfect English)

Tel: 766 2327

Cell ph: 045 333 150 9031

See his new website: http://www.elchinoajijic.com

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