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Found 17 results

  1. Looking for a few meters of black fiberglas screen material. Anybody know where?
  2. Where locally can I find a selection of men's electric shavers? WalMart only had one and it had been taped so many times it was obviously a return, so I passed. Thanks.
  3. I know I have seen it on the menu of a local restaurant, but can't remember which one. A little help please? Thanks.
  4. Hi Am looking to buy some corn beef....tried Tony's..none this year..does Costco have it or another store? thanks
  5. Recently and very grudgingly purchased new cell phone. ( Hate change!) Any ideas where I could donate the old one? VERY basic, NOT a smart phone, but to someone might still be useful. SIM card has been removed so user would need to get new one, and their own phone number. Gracias
  6. Looking for sturdy adjustable floor easel. Have only seen the cheap flimsy ones so far. Hoping to find existing one instead of having one made. Thanks
  7. Hola, I need to get a spare ignition key cut. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I suspect I will need to go to the dealer in Guadalajara but would prefer not if possible. The car is a ten year old Chrysler product. Thanks.
  8. Hola, I need to get a spare ignition key cut. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I suspect I will need to go to the dealer in Guadalajara but would prefer not if possible. The car is a ten year old Chrysler product. Thanks.
  9. i want to buy a new Apple IPad with 3G and 4LTE. Amazon Mexico has none and Amazon US doesn't ship them to Mexico. They seem difficult to find here. Any educated guesses, rather than wild guesses appreciated. Please do not suggest another brand. Thanks.
  10. Delighted to be back but devastated to learn that my source for the best butter lakeside has decamped to the wilds west of Ajijic. Marlowe how could you? So, please tell me someone knows where I can get the good stuff. Looking for real NOB creamery butter. Help!
  11. I need an electric circular floor cleaning machine for interior use and someone who knows how to use it. Needs to be local, not in GDL. No clue as to where to start looking. All helpful suggestions on finding one to rent would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Has anyone seen them for sale locally or in GDL with their very own eyes? No guesses or suggestions, please. Thank you.
  13. Looking for plain,aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass house gutter. I know they are not commonly used here, but even Home Depot only had a couple of old, mismatched, dented ones. Anyone seen them locally? Thank you.
  14. Does anyone know where I might buy fresh dill Lakeside?
  15. Never had a problem... just put whole heads of garlic in with onions in a basket in kitchen. That is, of course, until Robbie the (W)recker hit town! (10 month old ON THE GO cat!!) He found the stash, and thinks it's great fun to take the garlic, play with it, and then let me play hide-and-seek to find it. Which is not a problem.... except garlic is bad for cats, and I don't dare take a chance on him eating some. So.... has anyone ever seen locally those little clay garlic storage pots with some air holes, but more importantly LIDS, so I can ruin Robbie's fun day (yet again), but keep him safe?
  16. Plaza Galerias or Plaza Andares? Thank you.
  17. LaChula


    Is there anywhere Lakeside, or even in Costco/Mega to buy barley except Superlake? Or different kinds of Quinoa? Or different kinds of soy sauce, rice noodles? My corner abarrotes and little "supers" sure don't. I don't bitch about Suoerlake's prices, 'cause they have almost anything I want. God Bless Pancho and his family! If I don't want to pay their prices, i don't buy it, but if it is the only place and I want it, I am happy to get it.
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