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Found 23 results

  1. Is there anyplace lakeside to purchase parts for the Israeli made Heliocol tubed solar panels? TIA
  2. Need a new one-pce bathing suit (small size) and would like suggestions from those who may have purchased in Guad. Am aware of trying Sears and Fabricas Francia (consider Liverpool above my price range) but wonder if anyone has purchased at non-department store anywhere just as an option. (Seem to remember a store in Plaza del Sol, but a few years since I saw it so not sure if still there.) Please do not suggest consignment stores---- this will be my first (and probably last) new one in about 30 years, and I want to really like it! Thankyou!
  3. conejorapido


    Where is the best place in Guadalajara to buy sunbrella?
  4. Earl


    My son is coming for an extended visit this coming Tuesday. I'm sure he'd love having a mountain bike or any kind of good bicycle to get around. Is there anyplace lakeside that sells bicycles?
  5. Al Berca

    Bulk Sugar

    Any place locally where I can buy at least a couple kilos or more of bulk sugar without paying the price for smaller, individual bags? White or raw sugar. Thanks.
  6. The new law requires riders of scooters under 250cc to wear a bright colored vest. I looked at Walmart and I plan to check out AutoZone. Does anyone know where I can find one of these vests? I have been wearing a bright yellow fleece vest this winter and I can tell that I'm much more visible so it's definitely a good law.
  7. Does anyone raise poultry to sell? I would like to buy chickens and geese. Thanks
  8. desertdave

    Rain gauge

    It seems that a number of people at lakeside have rain gauges and post how much rain they get after a storm. Can someone tell me where I can buy one either at lakeside or in Guadalajara?
  9. Shelley Ronnfeldt

    Lawn Mower

    Our lawn mower went kaput and we need to buy one. Does anyone have suggestions as to where? I've seen them at the FC in Chapala, but can't off hand remember seeing them anywhere else. Either a reasonably priced new one, or a decent used one would work. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone seen NewSkin or any of the other liquid bandage products available locally? I have tried the obvious places so unless you have actually seen it somewhere there is not need for you to go to the trouble of posting. Thanks.
  11. LakeViews

    Peyote cream

    Is there a store in a Ajijic, Chapala, or Jocotepec that sells peyote cream?
  12. I have a dark green, Rubbermaid garbage can that, I know, was purchased lakeside. It has handles that you raise to snap over the edge of the lid, which holds the lid on securely. Does anyone know where I can purchase a couple more of these? Also, who besides Walmart sells those plastic storage bins? Thank you for your replies.
  13. Does anyone know where to buy Brazil nuts Lakeside or who might order them? I'd prefer raw.
  14. nopalesflower

    Hiking poles

    I am looking for a hiking pole. Can you buy them here lakeside? Does anyone have one to sell?
  15. Shelley Ronnfeldt

    Terracotta wall sconces

    I don't know if I'm referring to them with the right name when I call them wall sconces. I'm talking about the terra cotta covers that go on lights on walls. They are very common here, both indoors and outdoors. They usually have some decorative cut outs for light to shine through. At any rate, I broke one and need to buy another. Is there anywhere locally I can buy them? I'd much prefer not to go to Guadalajara unless absolutely necessary.
  16. happy jackson

    Cramberry juice

    Dr. Oz recommends drinking pure 100 % cramberry juice for UTI. I know you can buy cramberry juice drinks, but I've yet to find the pure juice, Any ideas? And also does anyone know if the Urinary Track Infection Test kit is available here in Mexico. Again, something Dr. Oz suggests.
  17. Shelley Ronnfeldt

    Popsicle sticks

    Does anyone know where one could buy a quantity of popsicle sticks locally?
  18. Shelley Ronnfeldt

    Christmas treat bags

    I need some little bags for Christmas treats, not too expensive. In the States at Christmas, they sell little Christmas edition Ziplocks, but I don't know if they do that here. Has anyone seen anything locally?
  19. Chex Party Mix is a lifelong holiday tradition in our family and we've got the ganas (craving)! But we have a big family and need a lot for our brood. I can only find little boxes of Chex cereal at Superlake for 100 pesos or more a box. At that rate, we'd have our party mix, but would have to skip Christmas dinner! Does anyone know if Costo or Sam's(or other place) carries the big boxes at a halfway reasonable price? I checked Lakeside Express and didn't see any listed. Or, do you know of any Mexican-brand variations on Chex cereal or another ingredient I can substitute? (To Moderator: I wasn't sure where to put this post, but since it had nothing to do with a restaurant, I posted here. Move if appropriate. Thanks.)
  20. kbiohio


    Hi All, I would like to purchase quinoa for the first time. I have only seen it at SuperLake in little packs around $60 pesos (is that the going rate?). I haven't seen it at WalMart. Someone mentions the Grainery on here...is that the little spot next to Gossip Kitchen? I thought I could try a couple of recipes to see how I like it. Thanks for any advice. KBIOhio
  21. JRPJR

    Grass sod

    Does anyone know where I can buy sod? The vivero above the Ajijic Clinic usually has some but they have not had any for a while now. TIA for any ideas.
  22. nopalesflower

    Evaporative Cooler

    Last year a friend bought a wall evaporative cooler for a bedroom. Sadly, he is no longer with us. Having decided to sleep cool this summer I have been searching for a cooler. Home Depot does not carry them any more and I have run out of places to look for them. Does anyone know where to buy them or do you have any suggestions?