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Found 4 results

  1. When I bought a new HP printer in last spring, the computer store did not have the black ink cartridge I needed, so I purchased ink at Walmart. About 6 weeks later I inserted the new cartridge only to be informed that it was defective. I tried to return/exchange the cartridge at Walmart but was refused because a return must be made w/in 30 days of purchase. Lesson learned. Since then I have replaced the ink successfully with cartridges purchased at Walmart. Last Friday I noticed the print was light and the ink was low. I purchased an HP ink cartridge at Walmart, saving the receipt. On Sunday, I installed the cartridge only to ....once again...be told that it was defective. Tuesday I tried to return/exchange the cartridge. It took over an hour to get an response from a customer service rep. I was told that Walmart will not credit/exchange ink cartridges. Warning to all....purchase your printer ink elsewhere.
  2. There have been several comments about bad chicken at Walmart lately and wanted to share that I bought a whole chicken there today and got home and opened it up to prep it for cooking and it smelled very foul.(Double plastic wrapped... I could not detect it in the store.) I took it back to Walmart with the receipt and the nice man at the exit door (where you check your backpack or get a tag for returned water bottles) put a tag on my bag and I went to the Customer Service Counter where I showed my receipt and set the bag with the chicken in it (and its original plastic wrapping -- that I had just purchased 40 minutes prior.) The gal could smell it from where she was standing and called the meat department manager who got a comparably sized fresh chicken, wrapped it and brought it to the front, where I opened in, smelled it and thanked them. They asked me to hold on a minute and refunded all my money for the spoiled chicken, too.
  3. While at Walmart yesterday, Friday, the bagger accidentally put the lady behind me blouse in one of my bags. It's plain black and she had on a great tshirt that I admired. If this is you, please contact me so I can return your purchase.
  4. There is a crew working the local parking lots disabling cars and then repairing them. It happened to us Sunday the 10th of March at Walmart. About 1:30 my wife parked in the lot at Walmart to do some shopping. While she was in the store the car was disabled and would not start when she returned. After a while a man showed up claiming to be a mechanic and checked the car and found that there was a bad sensor. He made a phone call and was able to get a replacement part and fix the car for only 1900 pesos. Since it was Sunday afternoon and she was basically stranded the repair was allowed. Of course, the car was fixed with the part the man had already taken from the car.
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