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Found 6 results

  1. After the outage in upper Ajijic :400am - 2:PM or so now my Shaw says "Network Down" Does that mean just me or everyone? I really could use some R & R with TV! My TV guy does not answer on weekends.
  2. Does anyone have the local number for a Sky TV distributor/installer? Thanks...Mick
  3. I've never tried this service but love the Gizmag newsletter from where I found this offer. It seems like a good concept and a good price. Has anyone tried the GetFlix service? Getflix: Lifetime Subscription Don't Let a Little Geo-Restriction Stand Between You & Your Favorite Show $39 $855 95% off Watching Hulu or other streaming services can unfortunately be difficult while traveling outside the US. Rather than bypass these restrictions with the help of a complex and slow VPN, choose a faster and simpler solution with Getflix. Instead of rerouting all your Internet traffic through a different server, this handy service only routes the traffic needed so you can still enjoy top Internet speeds. Getflix unblocks more than 100 streaming channels around the world so you can watch movies, TV, sports, and more wherever life may take you. https://store.gizmag.com/sales/getflix-lifetime-subscription?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=f42e0ed001-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-f42e0ed001-91880233 I also found some reviews that might be of interest, albeit from Australia: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2164199
  4. Received the snippet below in an ad via my e-mail today supposedly because I subscribe to USTVNow. I know nothing of the company or their service or reliability, and just tossing it out for your research and diligence if Internet TV is of interest. The price seems quite reasonable. For just 10.99 per month you can access over 200 tv channels, every sports event in full hd, as well as complete coverage of your favourite tv shows on all of your streaming media devices. Using the coupon code "ustvnow" you can also enjoy more of a discount! Don't forget you will need to make a brand new account at www.TVHDStreaming.com
  5. Moved into a rental today. The house is in crisis because we only have basic cable with no box. It's going to be tough to watch CNN et al. Any ideas ? Can I beg, borrow or somehow get a box and upgrade the cable for a month and then return the box ??? No satellite. I would appreciate any thoughts. My house in in lower Ajijic. Thanks.
  6. Still hearing weird things. Someone at LCS told me that in order to get a phone, I have to do it through Telmex. Actually, after hearing all the bad reports for Telecable, was thinking of going with them anyway! But wondering if I might buy the 10 maps with telmex
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