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Found 22 results

  1. I am sure glad I am a Canadian, I recently went to check travel advisory on the Canadian gov. website, I am quite safe to trave lalmost anywhere, than I went to the USA travel advisory. site.let it be hold! I can not go anywhere!, to my condo in ixtapa any more or visit my friends in manzanllo. Cosider becoming a Canadian we are a lot safer here than our American friends! a
  2. Have a friend who is looking for a ride to Mascota. Please let us know if anyone is going that way and would like company.
  3. I drove down to Chapala last Oct and the Hwy from Nogales to Navajoa was a complete mess. Almost all the way, the 4 lane was closed on one half side leaving only a 2 lane, 2 direction road with no shoulders. Very dangerous and irritating. Was so bad, that they didn't even collect tolls!! Has anyone used this route in the last few weeks and can give me an update on current situation? I am driving down again at end of Jan and have to decide whether this route or taking a longer alternative route. Don't need route instructions, just current conditions of Hwy 15/15D from the border. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just drove down from British Columbia last week thru Nogales, AZ. I make the trip from Nogales to Chapala in 2 days with an overnight stop in Los Mochis. The Carretera and Autopista (15D) was completely ripped up throughout all of Sonora and most of Sinaloa. 15D was one lane in each direction on one side of the highway, with the other side (2 lanes) closed for maintenance/rebuilding, and switching from one pair to the other pair of lanes every few kilometers. Strongly recommend that you choose a different route. Construction appears like it will continue for months or even years!! NOT safe, and if one accident along the way, highway will likely get closed until wreckage is cleared because not even a shoulder, paved or otherwise, to drive on!! Will be going back the long way thru Laredo.
  5. For years I've been hearing about Los Altos. Mainly people telling me I should go there cause people look like me. I see it on the map, looks lovely, up high in the mountains .. the largest Euro population in the nation. Anybody been there? Are the people nice? Are there things to do? At lot of French settled there. Anybody still speaking French?
  6. Sample for Canje (Visa from consulate you swap for card in Mexico) The yellow is where they should fill in the box for Canje and give you 30 days
  7. I shall be driving alone with my dog from Tucson, Az to Ajijic. Has anyone recently made this trip crossing the border at Nogales? I would like to know what cities, (and hotels) are safe to stop at along the way. US State Department and Trip Advisor post danger warnings that make me very nervous. Any information you may have on the route down would be appreciated. Ann
  8. Interested in traveling to Puebla? Love nature? Then this tour might be for you. Presentation on the tour - Monday, May 15, 2017 - 11 am at the Real de Chapala Hotel - Maria Bonita Bar (off main lobby) Tour outline attached. If you are interested in this tour and would like more information or pricing, PM me.
  9. Hello all, This is an unusual "last shot" request, but my mother who is 97 years old is at Casa Nostra here and is in her final days. She requested a certain dress to be buried in. We have desperately tried to ship it from Minnesota, but it is not allowed because of Mexican drug enforcement laws. FedEX, UPS and USPS will not accept the dress for shipment. So I am reaching out to see if anyone here knows of someone willing to bring the dress with them in the next few days if they are coming to the area. We would overnight the dress to them. As you can imagine, this has been an ordeal in many ways. My family would be eternally grateful if someone would help us fulfill my mother's wishes. It is a special dress she wore to our weddings, and it means a lot to her. Many thanks, Martha Murphy marthamurphy@gmail.com
  10. I am looking for a travel partner to spend 3 - 4 weeks in Italy in the Fall. I am an active 63 and female, and travel partner could be either male or female. If we meet and click, we could have a lot of fun planning this trip. I'm looking forward to exploring Rome, Florence and the coast, and prefer a flexible travel schedule. Please email me at karenkinee@yahoo.com if you are interested.
  11. Has anyone seen this? http://www.vallartadaily.com/mexico-announces-plan-first-high-speed-train-service/ "The project, which was previously estimated to cost about $3.3 billion, would allow travel over the 210 kilometers (130 miles) between the Mexican capital and Queretaro at up to 300 kph, moving 23,000 passengers a day, Mexico’s transport ministry said in a statement. The ministry gave no price estimate, adding that work would begin this year and operations would start in the second half of 2017."
  12. Today Mexico published in the DOF new rules for minors leaving Mexico who are unaccompanied or with an adult who is not their parent or guardian. The publication will take effect in 30 days and mentions a possible official permission form which would need to be notarized, apostilled or legalized and translated (if not in Spanish), form to be published within 30 days. Curiously the new law doesn't mention visitantes perhaps exempting tourists from this requirement as it only lists Mexicans and residente temporales and permanentes who need to have the permission letter, also fines of up to 10,000 minimum salaries to transport companies who don't check that the minors have the letter.
  13. Luz de Malla is a lakeside non-profit re-educating fishermen in the protection of Lake Chapala through projects such as fish-farming with care for the environment. There is currently one fish farm in operation, located at Mezcala. Luz de Malla plans to expand operations to other areas of the lake to allow other rural fishing communities to sustain their families. Direct donations are welcome. To support Luz de Malla's fish-farming project, we do one week high end fundraising tours for a select clientele of discerning travelers.Luz de Malla's aim is to allow its travelers a glimpse of the soul of the indigenous communities through home-hosted lunches working with elite tour guides and carefully planned itineraries. Ideally our tours are designed for 24 people. We fly to our destinations and hand pick our hotels. Upcoming trips: Chiapas - January 10 - 17, 2014 (flyer attached) Oaxaca - February 3 - 10, 2014Mexico City - mid-AprilCopper Canyon - mid-May For the full itinerary email: luzdemalla@gmail.com or call 766-2610, Cell 333-101-8092 Chiapas flyer.pdf
  14. Today I saw an article on the internet about Mexcio that was not all bad news. MSN.ca had the article "10 Safest Places to Visit in Mexico now" and showed some nice photos of places like Oaxaca, Tulum, etc. which are tourist destinations not known for the violence seen in other parts of the country. Nice to see some good news stories instead of the usual blood and violence ones. Could this be that maybe the press has stopped bashing Mexico so hard??
  15. My name is Pongo. I am 8 years old, love children and walking on my leash, I am a great watch dog with a very loud bark. I am playful with most other dogs except when it comes to my food. I have been neutered and all vet check-ups since I was a puppy. I understand english and spanish but sometimes act like I don't. My mom and dad are moving and do not have any place for me to run and play. I am in desperate need to find a new loving home. My dad will assist with my feeding expenses for a year. We will greatly miss each other but I understand that they want me to have a good home with room to run and play and not be put in a small cassita by myself with no one to pet me. Please respond if you are interested in meeting me..Love Pongo
  16. I would love to travel by passenger train throughout Mexico. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/11/us-mexico-bombardier-rail-idUSBRE95A14R20130611?feedType=RSS&feedName=innovationNews&rpc=43
  17. Does anyone know if there is an exit off of the new Periferico, from the airport, directly onto the Morelia/Lagos de Moreno Autopista for driving to Laredo?
  18. So I was perusing the immigration web site today looking for some pearls of wisdom to help decipher the new immigration law and a popup window came up advising about new regulations for minors traveling and leaving Mexico. Mexico, per the glorious new immigration law, a notarized letter from a parent or guardian is now required if the child is traveling alone and if the notarized letter is from outside Mexico then an apostille is needed and Canadians need a legalization as well as a translation. So you need to show alot of money to stay in Mexico but wait if you are a minor then you cannot leave unless your papers are in order. Please be aware of these new rules so your child or grandchildren or any other visitors can leave without problems http://www.inm.gob.mx/index.php/page/Aviso_Importante A partir del 9 de noviembre de 2012, conforme a la Ley de Migración, para que un menor de edad (mexicano o extranjero) pueda salir de México deberá: Ir acompañado de alguna de las personas que ejerzan sobre él la patria potestad o la tutela; En caso de que el menor viaje solo o con una persona que no ejerza la tutela o patria potestad sobre él, deberá presentar: Pasaporte y un documento otorgado ante fedatario público o por la autoridad facultada para ello, en el que conste la autorización para que el o la menor salga del país por parte de quienes ejerzan sobre él la patria potestad o la tutela. Si el documento ha sido otorgado en el extranjero, deberá ser legalizado o apostillado, según sea el caso, con su traducción cuando se trate de idioma distinto al español.
  19. I am driving to Loredo tomorrow if anyone has mail they want delivered or any other small errand I can do for you, PM me or write flajijic@gmail.com.
  20. I have taken a flight from Vancouver to Mexico City quite a few times, but usually I stay over night in Mexico City or had purchased a flight through to GDL where the bags are checked through. This time I purchased tickets at different times and have only 1 hour and 40 minutes between arrival at International terminal 1 and departure from Terminal 2 (AeroMexico). My question is: Is there an aeromexico desk at the customs area for transfer of bags to domestic flights? That is what I recall, but I am not certain. I avoid transfer times of less than 2 hours, when customs is involved.... so I am nervous over this. I like to have an idea of what to expect and problems I might encounter.
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