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Found 3 results

  1. This blog will never surpass the knowledge and experience of our More Liana. Nevertheless, it is a dense body of information, and interesting. I now know how to order "critter" tacos - Zorra. https://panamaniancookingterms.wordpress.com/spanish-cooking-terms/
  2. The best app for verbal multilingual communication that I have ever seen is now on sale for $1.99 on the Apple App Store. The app has amazing voice recognition and is set up for a conversation. Tap the English button and speak normally. It then translates to the other selected language. It shows the text of what was said in both languages and reads the text in the language that one is translating too. Very accurate voice recognition, many languages and all for $1.99. Wow. I am not sure if this is available on the play store but anyone on iOS should go buy this app. AMAZING. Only downside is that it needs an Internet connection to function. "iTranslate Voice" by Sonico GmbH. $1.99 USD http://appleinsider.com/l/?link=https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/itranslate-voice-translator/id522626820?mt=8
  3. So I was perusing the immigration web site today looking for some pearls of wisdom to help decipher the new immigration law and a popup window came up advising about new regulations for minors traveling and leaving Mexico. Mexico, per the glorious new immigration law, a notarized letter from a parent or guardian is now required if the child is traveling alone and if the notarized letter is from outside Mexico then an apostille is needed and Canadians need a legalization as well as a translation. So you need to show alot of money to stay in Mexico but wait if you are a minor then you cannot leave unless your papers are in order. Please be aware of these new rules so your child or grandchildren or any other visitors can leave without problems http://www.inm.gob.mx/index.php/page/Aviso_Importante A partir del 9 de noviembre de 2012, conforme a la Ley de Migración, para que un menor de edad (mexicano o extranjero) pueda salir de México deberá: Ir acompañado de alguna de las personas que ejerzan sobre él la patria potestad o la tutela; En caso de que el menor viaje solo o con una persona que no ejerza la tutela o patria potestad sobre él, deberá presentar: Pasaporte y un documento otorgado ante fedatario público o por la autoridad facultada para ello, en el que conste la autorización para que el o la menor salga del país por parte de quienes ejerzan sobre él la patria potestad o la tutela. Si el documento ha sido otorgado en el extranjero, deberá ser legalizado o apostillado, según sea el caso, con su traducción cuando se trate de idioma distinto al español.
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