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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone tell me whether or not my US Plated vehicle needs to have a valid tag. I am planning on going to the Mexican consulate in Texas in November to start the temporale process - my plates only expire in February. Once I have my temporale, I do not plan on returning to USA until my 4 years of temporale are up - then I will sell my vehicle in Texas, apply for permanente and return without a vehicle. My Mexican insurance will be kept up to date and so will my TIP but if TIP or local laws mean that I need to have valid plates, then I will have to return to TX in February and every year un
  2. After becoming Residente Permanente, how much time does one have to turn in the TIP and take the foreign auto out of Mexico?
  3. Hi Do I need to make a TIP if staying only in Nuevo Laredo? And if I want to drive from there to Colombia bridge or to Piedras Negras? More specifically - I am now in Nuevo Laredo. my TIP expires in a couple of days and my tourist permit a day before that. I want to return the TIP, leave the car in Mexico, cross over to the States and return to Mexico after a few days or a week to take the car (and probably get back with it into the states. for some bureaucratic reason I can't yet bring it back to the States - it's registration is suspended and a few more days are required for it to be rei
  4. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with this situation or has any knowledge regarding it. Thanks for your help in advance. I have a Canadian plated vehicle that someone wants to buy. They are also Canadian, so that is not a problem. But, because they want to leave the car here in Mexico, the TIP I have on it must be taken off and theirs put on. Is there any way to return the TIP or cancel it without losing my money and not going to the border? One of the reasons for selling the car is so I do not have to drive it back to Canada. Is it possible to turn in the TIP without the phy
  5. Some people have taken their foreign plated vehicles out of Mexico but for whatever reason did not cancel their temporary import permit at the border. People should always cancel their TIP but many times it is not feasible to make that long trek back to the border and have to cross over and cross back. Benefits of canceling are receiving your deposit back (if you cancel permit before expiration and / or timely done extensions), being able to temporarily import another foreign plated vehicle into Mexico and not having any future worry or hassle due to the Mexican government thinking your car
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