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Found 19 results

  1. When they installed my new high speed modem (I signed up for 30 speed) I had troubles. After an hour on the phone with Telmex techies, they told me how to change the InfinitumB19E modem name to TELMEX. And it's worked fine. Now, a couple months later, I want to add a new computer and the WPA on the B19E modem doesn't work. I'm not sure if the techie gave me a new password at that time, but I can't add any other laptop to the TELMEX wi-fi. I've tried calling Telmex and they've disconnected from me FIVE times. Any other ideas? I have a new roomie who I can't connect to my internet. Thanks. Blue
  2. Gents/Ladies, A moment of your time if I may........ I really like a house there(Chula Vista Country Club), but it's high up, surrounded by trees etc I require a fast(getting 40megs from here in Chapala currently, but obviously I don't expect that speed, although I'm hearing La Floresta may be getting or already have fibre optic cables-hmm the internet wasn't great when we lived there) and reliable internet -likely with Telmex & Wizz(used to be telecable). Appreciate any info from residents there or friends of, re internet. Many Thanks, JJ ......Lakeside resident for 10 years ************************************************************************************************************************** Un momento de su tiempo si puedo........ Realmente me gusta una casa allí (Chula Vista Country Club), pero es alto, rodeado de árboles, etc Necesito un rápido (conseguir 40megs de aquí en Chapala actualmente, pero obviamente no espero esa velocidad, aunque estoy escuchando La Floresta puede estar recibiendo o ya tienen cables de fibra óptica-hmm Internet no era genial cuando vivíamos allí) y Internet confiable -probablemente con Telmex & Wizz (utilizado para ser telecable). Apreciar cualquier información de los residentes allí o amigo JJ ... Residente de Lakeside por 10 años
  3. I dropped by the Ajijic Telmex office today to check the latest on their information about higher speed internet. I was told that by the end of the month they will be providing their eligible clients with information how they can increase their download speeds from where ever it is set at now to 50 Mb/sec and nothing in-between. I get ten down and they wanted me to understand that when they make the change, it won't be up to 20, 30, or 40. Those eligible will if they want, be upgraded to only 50. And the price would be $599 per month. And that's all I need I know this information came out earlier, but I just thought I would confirm that Telmex is still saying this month, but now by the end of the month. Here's hoping
  4. Does anyone have any opinion which of the two new Telmex Huawei modems is better: the HG658d or the dual band HG659? I presently have one of the Arcadyan dual bands and it can't send a signal more than 15 feet of open space on either band. I do not receive VDSL signals yet.
  5. I tried to connect an ASUS router to the Telmex modem but could not get bridge mode to actually work. I would appreciate input from anyone who has done this in the past. And I definitely would consider using some expert assistance. Thanks!
  6. Reaching out to find out if any of you have ever had a home wired for internet connectivity in Ajijic and/or Chapala? Can you tell me how long it generally takes for the service provider (Telmex?) to come out and do the work? Is it weeks? months? Thanks in advance for your input!
  7. I am repairing my maid's computer. She says about 2 weeks ago the internet got slow and she suspects perhaps somebody is stealing her bandwidth. She has changed router passwords several times. Is anybody else having Internet problems in Chapala, has Telmex been squirrely? I don't want to get falsely hungup on passwords and possible hacking if it is a general problem.
  8. We're currently with Telecable and Telmex in Chapala, Las Redes. Telecable offers higher speed but is more unreliable than Telmex. We require high speed and unlimited data. Are there any other internet provider options that anyone can recommend?
  9. I do not recall seeing upload speeds this high. Perhaps they are improving our internet service Lakeside. Are others experiencing better service? I know I live in the area with the fastest speed on the lake (Riberas) but am hoping others are seeing improvement for 2017 as well. Happy New Year, all.
  10. I live in Chula Vista which has slow (3M) internet speed. Lately I have noticed that clicking on a link is slow to respond. At times the attempted connection times out. I have a netspeed monitor that at times goes to zero down and drops out for several minutes. I have had my TelMex modem for several years. I have heard that TelMex has changed their Internet protocol and given new modems to some people. Does anyone have an educated guess whether my problem is the modem or just plain poor service in Chula Vista? I have a similar problem with my Telecable internet which does not surprise me. I have assumed that TelMex altho slow speed should be more consistent. Before I dive into my setup I would welcome some informed opinions.
  11. Does anybody know what is the local Telmex number to their office in Ajijic? I keep searching online and I can only find the 01800 number to the Mexico City office. Thanks!
  12. I know this topic exists but comments are old. I am moving to Ajijic Village in 2 weeks and am trying to decide between Telecable and Telmex. I don't care about TV as I have a streaming box, but to use it and my Vonage, I need good Internet speed. Telmex said that the don't provide more than 2-3 Gbts. Telecable promises 15. Do you know they charge more than in GDL? What do you recommend?
  13. I know this topic exists but comments are old. I am moving to Ajijic Village in 2 weeks and am trying to decide between Telecable and Telmex. I don't care about TV as I have a streaming box, but to use it and my Vonage, I need good Internet speed. Telmex said that the don't provide more than 2-3 Gbts. Telecable promises 15. Do you know they charge more than in GDL? What do you recommend?
  14. With the $599/mo plan, calls from a Telmex landline to the US are free when calling a regular land line in the US. Does the same apply when calling from a local landline to a US cell phone? Are those calls also free on this end? If this has already been covered in the past, I missed it. Thanks.
  15. Im trying to pay my cfe and telmex bills from the usa a recommended service called regalii.com but cannot see on their webpagea way to register and get started. Q. is this because I have an android cell phone/netbook? or am i missing something. telmex online gives a lousy exchange rate plus charges a fee. CFE.. Im scared of giving them my credit card info. regalii comes highly recommended by this web board but the 800# is evidently in spanish only. Help!
  16. A friend is moving from one rental house in Chapala to another one. She wants to keep the telephone number that she has. I remember hearing you could "buy" your number instead of it staying with the house. Has anyone done this? How much did it cost? Thank you for any information.
  17. For the last couple of years I have been paying Telmex online with a Credit Card. Since you must pay at leas $100 USD to avoid a $2.00 charge I pay at least 2 to 3 months. When you sign in at http://www.telmexusa.com/USA_ing/payin.asp you can see how much you owe and pay it there. Over the last couple of weeks when I checked it said "No money owed, you currently have a $43.00 credit balance. I was very supprised to get a bill at my residence saying that I owed $995 pesos and was about to have my phone turned off. I rushed down to Telmex and went to the counter and paid what they said I owed $995. I then waited to speak to Ricardo and showed him my printout from the pay Telmex online site that said I have a $43 credit. He checked his computer and assured me that I had owed the money and said that the site is wrong and that he has seen this before. If you are away from Ajijic and relying on that website to tell you when you owe money it may not be accurate. Try to keep notes on how many months you have prepaid. It should be easier now with a repetitive $599 charge or a $399 charge each month. Be forewarned.
  18. Just realized I never received a phone bill this month and it is due tomorrow. Assume TelMex is closed tomorrow but what about today?
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