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Found 11 results

  1. Hola I am new here and I am purchasing a place in San Nicolas de Ibarra . Does anyone know what the cellular service is like in that area ? I know it's a personal thing but who would you use in the area for a supplier. I am looking at having a MiFi that I can connect my electronics to, like I do when I travel to the USA. I'm from WC Canada. Do people use these there and if so is it expensive ? I have looked at some of AT&T's plans but not sure how good it is. I will only be part time in Mexico, 4-5 months, so I'm not sure how it would work for have hard wired internet/cable tv at the house. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Last month, for the first time, we exceeded our 100MB on our Telcel internet at home plan. This happened three weeks into the month. So this month I have been monitoring our usage, turning off the modem at night, asking everyone to log off their devices and use infinitum (we have both). Yet, the data is still being consumed! I log into mitelcel and take a screen shore of our data balance. I turn off the modem and in the morning our balance went down by 60 MB. Yesterday was the worst, noone was home and we left the modem on and it went down by 30GB, yes giga bytes with noone in the house. Our closest neighbor is 200M away. Could someone give me some insight as to what may be happening? I plan on going to Telcel later and asking them but would love to hear some thoughts from others. Thank you.
  3. I have cellular service from Telcel and recently have been inundated with text messages from UNOTV. I have tried responding but these fail. Does anyone know how I can stop this invasion of my privacy?
  4. Telecel offers 5 Mbps or a 10 Mbps Internet for your house. Requires a 2,000mxn modem purchase and a contract, I think two years, for about 299 or 399 mxn a month. They say unlimited data useage, but I think they downgrade data rate if one exceeds some maximum data useage. The TelCel office at Centro Laguna Plaza has details. I doubt TelCel distributors can duscuss intelligently. AT&T and Movistar may offer "Internet en Tu Casa" type services. I have not evaluated nor compared offerings, BUT apparently there are options to TelMex's Internet service. Has anyone availed themselves of this service?
  5. I purchase 100 pesos of credit every 59 days to keep my cellphone alive. I used to transfer all 100 pesos of these paid credits to a friend's phone, and I simply use my "regalo" or gift credits for my limited use. (actually, I specify 94 or 95 pesos, because there is a 5 peso fee added, so the total is under my 100 peso balance) However, now when I try to initiate the Pasa Tiempo transfer right after having purchased 100 pesos of credits (and thus having a 100 peso paid credits balance), I get this message: "Estimado usuario para poder realizar tu solicitud es necesario tengas registrado un monto minimo en recargas de $50 info en www.telcel.com/pasatiempo " (Google translate: ""Dear user to be able to make your request is necessary to have registered a minimum amount of $ 50 info reloads at www.telcel.com/pasatiempo ") At first I thought, "well, maybe what this means is I now have to keep a minimum of 50 pesos balance in my paid credits, since I already purchased 100 pesos." So I tried transferring 45 or 44 pesos, so that I'd still have a 50 peso balance after the 44 peso transfer plus the 5 peso fee. Didn't help, I still get the message. Has anyone else encountered this problem? This is the first time I've had a problem with the Pasa Tiempo transfer system. On the website, there are two different sets of rules for Pasa Tiempo. One if for "PasaTiempo de Amigo a Amigo", which is what I have, a simple package, no contract or "plan", you just buy 100 pesos of credit every 59 days to keep the phone alive. (The other is for "PasaTiempo de Plan a Amigo".) The example they gave on the website seems straightforward: "Por ejemplo, si deseas enviar $200, deberás contar con por lo menos $205 de Saldo Amigo." (Google translate: "For example, if you want to send $ 200, you must have at least $ 205 of Friend Balance.") Thanks for your time.
  6. With the basic Telcel plan: You can forward your home calls to your cell phone - *21*045 <cell nr># It works in the US. Turn it off #21# Texts to US cells work great. Even if the recipients don't have the US equivalent of Sin Frontera, they can send and receive texts from you. If you have Magic Jack you can download the app on your cell phone. The phone will ring if you have cell service and you can call out which comes in handy if you need to dial an 800 number. In Texas, the phone connects with T-Mobile. No charge for calls. It's pretty much 4G everywhere so the Internet works in places where free wifi isn't available. The best part is that the Telcel monthly is charge is about $250 pesos with a comparable plan in the US a magnitude higher. The new smart phones makes travel NOB a lot easier.
  7. Telcel has been offering a variety of plans that contain a fixed number of minutes and an amount of data usage. The plans also say that calls to the US and Canada just count against your plan minutes (Sin Frontera). They also say that all national calls within Mexico are free (Sin Limite). As you would expect there's a catch. Both national and international calls count against your minutes. If you make more national calls once your limit has been reached they are free. However if you make calls to the US once you've surpassed your limit you get banged for each minute. Two situations. Your plan includes 250 minutes. You make 250 minutes of calls to the US and then 250 within Mexico. No extra charge. If you reverse the situation and make the calls to Mexico first and the US last, all 250 minutes have a charge. To make it more difficult Telcel offers no way to disclose the number of minutes you've used during the billing period. They did offer a solution: make calls to the US at the beginning of the period. It took 2 people almost 30 minutes to figure this out at the Telcel office. It makes perfect sense from the cell provider's perspective but not so much for the consumer.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble accessing their TelCel voicemail? I dial *86 and get the message that the call can't be completed as dialed and to verify the number. *86 is still listed on the Telcel website as the number to call to access the system. Anybody else having this problem? EDIT: Hmmmm. There's more to the problem than just that, evidently. I tried calling my cell phone from my landline and the phone rang 4 times, then the call ends and I get the same recording (instead of going into voicemail). I don't understand the issue, as I definitely have a balance on my phone.
  9. I guess it's time for me to finally break down and get a smart phone. I'll probably only use 5% of what it's capable of, but some of the functionality is just too useful to ignore any longer. The catch is, I don't really want to sign up for a monthly Telcel plan unless I have to because I'm rather contract averse, especially if Telcel insists on billing directly to a credit card. Will an iPhone work with the Telcel Amigo plan? Also, assuming it will, if anyone has an iPhone 4 they want to sell, let me know. I am certain I don't need the latest and greatest. Thanks.
  10. My husband has a monthly plan with Telcel. Several times now, Telcel has called my husband and asked if we're home because they want to come by to get proof we reside here but they didn't show up but they did today. We don't even know if it's really Telcel or someone saying it is just to find out if we're home or not. I warned my husband not to open the gate so he didn't. The guy didn't show any Telcel ID. My hubby told the guy he'd bring proof of residency (Permanente) to the office. The guy's name is Victor and he said that if he's not at the Telcel office, hubby could leave it with Carla. Has anyone who has a monthly cell plan with Telcel been asked for proof of residency? I find this weird. When we applied, we showed them a CFE bill and references (as they asked for it).
  11. I live in an area that gets poor or non-existent internet. Lagunanet is not an option, Telmex is variable and slow. I am now investigating using Telcel to connect to the internet. I have read that it is sometimes possible with a booster and antenna. What I need is a technician whose expertise is in this area who can evaluate the situation and offer educated options. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Teresa Teresa.bressert@gmail.com
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