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Found 1 result

  1. So lets have an serious conversation on Zika and the other problems that are in our local day dwelling mosquitos. Fact: Our local day dwelling skeeter does have Dengue and probably will have Zika at some point unless something changes. Fact: Lets talk about it now rather than later. Screens, Bug Zappers, Deet Whatever The following is what I am thinking and what I have experienced and lets go and try to be civil please or I will never try this again. The Zika pictures and information scare me. Seen the pictures of rash no less the babies in Brazil?? So I have very severe screens in house and don't worry as I live high on the hilll which has much less skeeters than lower Ajijic in my opinion. But I have no idea whether to bath myself in Deet (controversial insect repellant but effective???) when I go out. Should I get rid of my croc hunter shorts?? We were just in Jamaca and many of us got bit to death. Luckily I didn't. So why didn't I get bit but my wife had 30 bites and yes Zika is in Jamaca also on one of the major beaches. We had planned to go to that beach but cancelled. Think about what that means to the locals when we did not go and than the issue of who are exposed?? Not a pleasant topic for me as we avoided that beach on a planned trip feeling sorry but not guilty for running away. I don't claim to be educated but I have read up on things. What do folks think???
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