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Found 7 results

  1. LOST SERVICE DOG - URGENT: Bella, our beloved dog is still missing (4 days now) but we have new hope if you help us. Bella has a "Tile" bluetooth GPS tag on her collar that transmits to cell phones within 150 feet running the "Tile App". If you are Lakeside, PLEASE HELP US. It will take less than 5 minutes and may SAVE Bella's life. TILE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download the Tile App (no cost), quickly create an account, and enable Tile Notifications: /www.thetileapp.com/es-mx/ 2) Message me (+1 415 746 0768) with your email address used for Tile account. 3) We'll "Share" her collar tile with your account and you will see it in your Tile app. 4) Keep the Tile app OPEN in your cell's background and make sure Bluetooth is "on." The main top Tile icon will light up green if you are within range of her. If you get a signal, call me at +1 415 225 3258 PLEASE, at ANY hour. "Tile" does not access your data; any website about it confirms it is a legitimate app. Alone, finding Bella is a needle in a haystack but with Lakeside community help it becomes a dragnet and we will find her!! If you don't want the reward we will give it to a shelter. Please also SHARE this info.😭 OUR BELLA: Bella got scared of the fireworks and jumped out of a crack through an under-construction elevator shaft and dropped 9ft from our house at 6pm Thursday night and does not have the skills to survive on the street. She is a 10-year old white Maltese, ten pounds/4+ kilos, last seen on Rio Lerma in Rancho del Oro. Small but fast so she could have covered a good distance by now. Friendly, approachable, loves kisses. Wearing a blue/yellow/red striped collar with white GPS Tile tag. Silver name tag reads Bella and gives both "415" and "650" phone numbers for Mel and Aura, and a California address. She is visiting and not likely to know the way back here. If you find her please call 376 766 2863 or +1 415 225 3258. If you have friends around Lakeside, please SHARE this post. 🙏 We're beyond devastated and just want or baby back. 💔
  2. What are the best reverse osmosis water filtration systems and who installs them?
  3. Always looking for an excellent restaurant - this one is it! Right on the Libramiento close to the Pemex. Food exceptional. Service the same. Prices very reasonable. Going back tomorrow!
  4. Any suggestion for a good shop to have break pads replaced?
  5. There is an English speaking man here who works on Apple, Mac computers. He helped me out! I had a problem with my I-Pad and he came to my home to help me. His name is Carlos Martinez, his number is 333 100 9690. He also teaches you how to use your computer and be more comfortable using your devices.
  6. Tomas

    Ajijic Tango

    We have lived in Ajijic and Chapala for 27+ years on a part time basis The Tango is the BEST and most consistent in this area..Many have come and gone but they serve a quality dinner with excellent service, reasonable liquor and wine prices in a comfortable atmosphere ,in town. Take a cab if you find parking and walking an issue. Try not to go on the weekends as the Guad crowd is there en- mass..There are other good places to eat but since they took over from the previous Hibachi (AKA Benihana) look alike they are at the top of the food chain here. We eat out 3-4 times a week at any number of places from the street carts to the over rated and when I want a great meal Tango is IT. A similar meal NOB at a nice place is easily 3X the price and never any better..Enjoy the venue as it is a real gem for all to enjoy.. P.S. I have no financial or other interest in Tango or the owners..
  7. Last nite our restaurant experience was not a good one. Of the 8 at our table, in a not too busy place, only one was served first and he had to send his plate back to re-warm! Gradually, at 15 or 20 mins. intervals between some others were served, and only half the salads even had dressing on them! It took 15 more mins. for them to be returned with dressing on the side! When all 7 of us were eating, the waiter annunced to person #8 that they had run out of chicken! What took them so long to discover this?? Surely as he made up 3 or 4 chicken plates he knew he was short!! The last diner agreed to shrimp and then waited anothr 20 or so minutes for that meal. No requested bread orders were ever re-filled...and when the owner came out to apologize he was making lame excuses, and ignored our remarks, speaking only French to one person who understood him. Other visits to this establishment were just fine, but last nite was disgusting and we were given no 'compensation' for the poor service and our discomfort. Won't be returning there anytime soon....all 8 of us. Reading so many other reports on local eateries, and not great experiences, it seems as if this time of the season there is less interest or caring on the part of the restaurant managers, Easter being over and so many snowbirds leaving. Watch out next season!
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