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Found 10 results

  1. Good morning. I need to build a 46m property wall. It seems that 3.5m high is somewhat standard here. Is block better than brick? Is a permit required? Are there contractors who specialize is this type of work? In advice, personal experience stories and/or recommendations appreciated.
  2. After reading the posting about Sliding Door Lock Replacement, it reminded me of an offend overlooked security problem. "Some thieves will try to lift sliding glass doors right out of their tracks to gain entry. To keep that from happening, insert strong metal spacer plates between the doors and their top tracks. To install them, with the sliding door open, screw two plates per door into the top track where you've predrilled pilot holes.". https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/advice/home-security/securing-special-doors/ I have also used several screws in the top plate that are not screwed all the way in, long enough so the door can be lifted off the track and short enough so the door can open and close.
  3. Anyone know if these people are still in business? After more than a year of not hearing from them, a fellow came to my house for a yearly payment but when I tried to dial their cell and office number from their cards, I got nowhere. I rarely use the system because I get false positives but I guess it is good when you go on vacation and have no dogs.
  4. Anyone here live in Chapala Haciendas 3? What is it like there? How's the internet speed? Is there only Telmex and not Telecable too? Is the water delivery consistent? How often do you get water delivery from the street to your house? Is the water pretty clean? Anything else of interest to know? ~ thanks
  5. Several of my amigos have been warning me for some time now that there could be a very negative reaction to the results of the US presidential election. All it takes is an angered few. Let's be careful in what we say and do.
  6. I'd like to install a system of good quality night vision cameras connected to my computer, ideally with some motion-activated cameras that fire with flash to scare off would-be intruders trying to get over my wall (it hasn't happened yet, but, hey, better safe than sorry, eh?). I live in a rural area and my properties perimeter wall backs onto vacant lots one side and an arroyo the other, which is a weak spot in my defenses. Being a single woman out here takes chutzpa some days. Has anyone successfully had such a system installed, and could therefore recommend same to me? I spoke to my neighbor who has a security company in Guad but he said he has not seen anything like this, though they are easily available in Canada, ie, thru Costco, but would like one installed by a local company who will provide reliable tech service to keep it running. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Has anyone installed window protection film instead of having bars on windows? Does anyone know if there is a competent window film installer lakeside? We are considering this product but will decide which way to go based on feedback to this request. http://www.amazon.com/Protection-Security-ShatterGARD-BurglarGARD-Burglars/dp/B008MZMSA0/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top All responses will be appreciated. TIA Sharon & Frank
  8. Someone needs to know where one goes to buy the glass pieces seen cemented to the top of walls. She has seen colored pieces in different shapes rather than broken bottles. Where can she buy these? Carol
  9. Hi Ladies/Gents, We are a 40 year old couple. I have lived in the 'hood' for the past 4 years((seis esquinas)) but am now very close to sealing the deal on a house in Lower La Floresta (block or 2 West of Walmart & block down from the Carretera). Security is paramount for my family, but we have just fallen in love with this house. It's on a prominent corner, not hidden away and is quite large, which hopefully helps and not too far from a school. I would be looking to install latest barbed wire/security cameras/alarms etc and do have a dog. Not sure again if it makes a big difference, but my wife has a very large Mexican family who would visit us on a regular basis, so there would be lots of activity and cars coming and going. Would hiring a security guard personally or if a few neighbours agreed be viable option? I believe there are 2 security cars that patroll the estate 24/7? Anyone confirm? Any input, experience or advice from past/current residents or those long standing residents would be appreciated. Safety safety, but can't live in fear Keep smiling
  10. What is a fair price to pay for deadbolt lock installation per deadbolt lock? I know that the actual cost of the lock is a variable. Is it realistic to pay roughly $250 pesos to $300 pesos per lock for a good quality deadbolt lock? We will be buying 5 deadbolt locks where one side has a space for the key and the other side has a knob. We received one quote for $3,500 pesos for this (5 deadbolt locks and 5 installations of the locks) and that seems excessive. This quote above if the cost (my guess) of the locks is roughly $1,500 leaves install cost of $2,000 pesos or $166 US or $33 US per lock. Just seems like a lot of money to pay a locksmith in Mexico. Any recommendations for a locksmith or location of a lock store - I would buy the locks myself then have them installed if that is needed. Would also be pleased to know what you paid for good locks and install. Gracias in advance.
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